Books finished in May, and other things

Well, here are my May reads. It was a pretty good month. I expect June to be even better! Still have a few review books to finish up, but not too much. Then I really dig into my tbr pile. I also hope to do Keishon's TBR challenge.

by Michele Hauf LUNA
His Wicked Ways by Joanne Rock Harlequin Blaze
Loose Diamonds by Daria Karpova Loose Id
For Camelot's Honor by Sarah Zettel LUNA
Got Fangs? by Katie Maxwell Smooch
Keeping Up Appearances by Jennifer McKinlay Harlequin Flipside
The Destined Queen by Deborah Hale LUNA
Bite by LKH, Harris, Davidson, Knight, Taylor Jove
The Proposition by Cara Summers Harlequin Blaze
The Givenchy Code by Julie Kenner Downtown Press
Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 2 by Nobuhiro Watsuki Shonen Jump
Brand of the Werewolf by Kenneth Robeson Doc Savage
Mine by Jill Noelle Loose Id
The Phantom City by Kenneth Robeson Doc Savage
Negima! by Ken Akamatsu Del Rey
Big Girls Don't Cry by Donna Hill, Brenda Jackson, Monica Jackson, and Francis Ray Signet Eclipse
Hard Candy by Angela Knight, Sheri Gilmore, Morgan Hawke Loose Id
Caught in the Act by Pam McCutcheon Zebra
Hellsing Vol. 2 by Kohta Hirano Dark Horse
On the Edge by Susan Kearney Silhouette Signature Spotlight
That's Amore! by Janelle Denison, Tori Carrington, and Leslie Kelly Silhouette Signature Collection
Under His Skin by Jeanie London Harlequin Blaze
Ready by Lucy Monroe Brava
The Dare by Cara Summers Harlequin Blaze
Before I Wake by Anne Frasier NAL
Urban Shaman by C.E. Murphy LUNA
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown eh, who cares who the pub is
Dirty Little Secrets by Julie Leto Downtown Press
Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 3 by Nobuhiro Watsuki Shonen Jump

Well, that was 29 books finished in May bringing my year total up to 121. Not too shabby.

A few of the books I hope to read in June from my tbr pile are: eh...there are lots. Too many to choose. I'd really like to get to Cindy Gerard's To the Edge, as well as Jennifer Crusie's Welcome to Temptation. and then there's the two Laura Kinsale books I acquired, as well as Stargazer by Colby Hodge, The Way He Makes Me Feel by Tamara Sneed, Mr. Impossible by Loretta Chase, The Veil of Night by Lydia Joyce, Talk of the Ton anthology, Till Next We Meet by Karen Ranney, lots of Bombshell titles, as well as lots of Harlequin Intrigues. The Moon Witch by Linda Winstead Jones since I liked the Sun Witch so much... like I said, lots of choices. Damnit.

Oh, if I didn't blog about some of these titles, give a shout out and I'll let you know what I thought. All the manga ones were really good, though. Negima! is cute, and so obviously geared to adolescent boys. It's kinda funny. Hellsing is good, different than the anime, but both are really good.

No book buying until after the 14th. I promised DH. I can do it, yes I can! I mean, I DO have all these books to choose from. I also have a seriously long list of books to get from the library and have several new ones that are coming out in hardback on hold like the newest JD Robb, Tori Carrington's, the new MJD, and the new Johanna Lindsey. So whenever those come in I'll read them. Usually I'd just buy the Robb one, but really, I end up seeing the hardback for cheap later on.


sybil said...

good luck on that no buying thing

Alyssa said...

What did you think of Hard Candy? I like Angela Knight but wasn't sure if I should buy this one.


Nicole said...

Hard Candy was okay, but nothing special. The stories are more just about hot sex with multiple partners rather than real romance.

Suzanne said...

How much you read makes me sentimental for the days before I started writing!!! I miss all the reading!!!!!!

Alyssa said...

Thanks for telling me about Hard Candy. I'm not into the multiple partners trend, so I'll avoid this one.


Angela James said...

What did you think of Gossymyr (I'm sure I butchered the spelling). I have it and tried to start it but couldn't get in to it.

Nicole said...

I was actually surprised at how much I liked Gossamyr. It does start out slow and the writing takes some getting used to. I did like it in the end.