The Greek's Royal Mistress by Jane Porter

I wasn't feeling well last night and didn't feel like reading anything that I was currently in the middle of, so I picked up something that looked short from my tbr pile. It was The Greek's Royal Mistress by Jane Porter and I have to say I quite enjoyed this story.

The royal plane is about to crash! Princess Chantal Thibaudet is rescued from the wreckage by Demetrius Mantheakis,a renowned international security expert,with wealth and a reputation to match.He insists that Chantal go with him to his private Greek island,where he can protect her.

But even princesses can become pregnant when they allow themselves to be swept away by a commoner - especially one as arrogant and sexy as Demetrius.... And a right royal scandal is about to break loose!

For once the alpha hero really wasn't a jerk. Assertive and a bit domineering and used to getting what he wants, but not really a jerk. He takes her to her island because someone is trying to kill her and he's been hired by her brother-in-law, a sheik, to keep her safe. I also liked that the author didn't make him out to be some goody two shoes whom everyone admires. He's done some nasty things in his past, but never really apologizes for them.

Princess Chantal Thibaudet isn't quite as interesting. She's spent most of her life as a doormat, and the most important thing in her life is her daughter. Being with her daughter is a pretty important part of the book and gives a good reason as to why Chantal is so upset about becoming pregnant with Demetrius' child. She does gain a backbone as the story progresses, though. Oh...there are no secret baby plots here . Lots of morning sickness though. Poor woman.

All in all, this was one of the better Harlequin Presents I've read and makes me want to read more stuff by Jane Porter. It's nothing spectacular, but it is a short, fun, enjoyable read for an afternoon or evening. And really, sometimes that's all you want.

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meljean said...

I read a Jane Porter recently (can't remember the title -- odd, how with Presents I remember the author more than the title, when with other books it is often the other way around) and had the same reaction to it: not offensive, a nice, quick read.

But I have to admit, I'm rolling on the floor over this line...

"But even princesses can become pregnant when they allow themselves to be swept away by a commoner..."

The "but even" is getting comes out of nowhere, and I'm wondering if the common conception is that princesses don't get preggers? :p