Books on CD

Okay, so since my library seems to have umpteen books on CD (did a search for 2005 and it came up with over 200), I think I'd like to try some out. Now...does it matter much if I get the unabridged or the abridged version? I mean, when I read, I like the unabridged, but does it change when you have it on CD? And does anyone have any recommendations of ones they have particularly enjoyed?



Wendy said...

If you want the "whole story" than you have to get unabridged. Abridged is just that - abridged. They cut out portions of the story, so you get an abbrevated version.

I prefer unabridged (naturally), but do not find abridged eeeevvvviiiillll like some readers. Actually I think abridged is a godsend for those books written by authors that tend to suffer from verbal diarrhea.

Shannon said...

I prefer the unabridged, too. That way the entire story is there. But I'll take the abridged if that's all they have, and if I really enjoy it, I'll eventually read the entire book. Many times it's a subplot entirely removed or some such thing. (And while they're not abridged by the author, the author approves the abridgement as a rule.)

I like the books on tape, and often use them to discover a book I wouldn't normally spend my little reading time on. Maybe somebody else knows more about them, but I couldn't stand the books on CD, because once I turn it off, I could only restart from designated places. So, with the last CD I borrowed, I was in and out that day, and I swear I listed to the same beginning pages of the same chapter about 6 times.

With a tape, you just shut it off. *g*

Karen Scott said...

Hey Nicole, apologies for straying off the subject, but how do you get the book cover photo's on your side bar?

Nicole said...

Maili had a post that explained it all. You might go over to her blog and ask her where the post was.

Basically you upload a smaller photo and then add the photo url to your template in the sidebar.

Nicole said...

lol Shannon, but see, I'm not sure I even have something that would play tapes right now.

Karen Scott said...

Thanks Nicole!