If You Just Say Yes by Reon Laudat

I'm not sure where I first heard about this book, though I did have my eye on it before Monica mentioned the author. Anyways, learned my library had it and decided to check it out. And I was quite happy that I did. This is a great contemporary with interesting characters who have lives and problems a person could relate to.

Book blurb lifted off Amazon:
Manhattan journalist Michelle Michaels just can't seem to get a break when she finds herself the subject of false rumors. Now she's being blindsided by her own boss. Wrongly suspecting her of trading sex for scoops, he's caved in to the shady newsroom gossip and sent Michelle quietly packing on a leave of absence to her hometown of Detroit where some family secrets still lurk. With a career on the DL and a love life at low-ebb, Michelle's hit rock bottom-until she meets dark, dimpled, and delicious Wesley Abbott...

Detroit reporter Wesley Abbott's plate is full investigating a corrupt local judge. Now he's got something else to investigate-and she's the sweetest thing to sashay into the Herald in years. But Michelle and Wesley have more in common than they ever imagined, and it's not just mellow vibes. In fact, it's a scandal! And when these two bodies bump, so does trouble-with
a capital T...

I really enjoyed both characters. Wesley might be somewhat of a player, but he also has a satisfying relationship with his parents and friends. I liked the scenes that are shown of him interacting with his parents, his brother, and especially his cute little niece. They make him seem more a three-dimensional character and you really root for him to win Michelle over. Michelle definitely makes an impact on him and he realizes that she's very different from the women he's had relationships with in the past. Michelle has her own problems to deal with, such as a secret that her mom seems to be hiding and the matter of who her father is. Michelle has misgivings about starting an office romance and from what she's heard from her co-workers, it seems Wes has made the rounds.

I'll definitely be on the look out for more by this author. This was a great story and I enjoyed how it moved along, not too fast, yet not too slow that I lost interest. So I give it a solid B.

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