Ebooks I'm thinking about buying

Headed over to Loose Id and this caught my eye:

Animal Dreams by Jeanne Laws

After spending the first 24 years of her life trying to be what her mother wanted her to be, Mandy Bartlett has finally decided to follow her heart. After dropping out of law school and breaking off her engagement, she moves to her uncle’s ranch in the heart of the California redwoods. For years Mandy has had dreams of Lyndell Falls and the wild horse that she is sure lives there, but her mother’s deep-seated hatred of her birthplace had made visiting impossible until now. Mandy meets the strangely familiar Jacob Morgan, and sinking into his eyes seems the ultimate coming home. But when it becomes obvious that someone is trying to kill her, can she really trust a man with secrets?

It was almost a decade ago when Jacob, a horse-shifter, found his mate, a pooka, in Lyndell Falls. Complete happiness eluded him, however, when a prophecy was foretold, ripping his life apart. Now, the one girl he could never forget has moved back to his forest hideout, and he has to find a way to tell her the truth about the past. Because their attraction is too strong for either one of them to fight, and now that he has her again he knows he can never let her go.

Mandy Bartlett spent her whole life feeling like she was too weird for words – the fact that she could talk to her dog was just the beginning. But when she travels to rural Lyndell Falls she realizes that maybe she’s not so strange after all. In Lyndell she finds witches, sorcerers and prophecies, oh my! And when she meets the sexy horse-shifter from her dreams, she knows she’s in for a wild ride.

The Hunted by Rachel Carrington

Ariana fell in love with the wrong man.…a vampire.

It’s even more complicated than it sounds. Not only is Joquinn creature of the night, dripping with sexual allure, and creepily undead, but she is the protégé of a goddess. Commanded, even driven, to kill the undead.

Yet Joquinn is more than just a vampire to Ariana. And when she finds out she’s been duped by her benefactress, a smooth-talking sorceress, he may be the only thing that can keep her alive.

But can the hunter trust The Hunted?

Anyone know anything about them? I've read some Rachel Carrington stuff, but never heard of the other author. I might pick these up next time I have the urge to buy some ebooks. Just not this month. I want to be good for another week.


CindyS said...

Okay, this is so mean but when Brokeback Mountain came out there were parodies and one was 'the love of a man for his horse'. Either Mrs. Giggles or Meljean had posted it so I'm definitely squicked out by the first book.

Apparently I'm fine with all other animals ;) Okay, LKH had were-rats and I'm still not sure what that would look like.

CindyS (once again, helpful)

Kristie (J) said...

I had to laugh, then roll my eyes, then laugh again - Horse Shifter??????

Love the new look. I thought I'd somehow wandered to the wrong place at first.

Devon said...

I don't know, "Animal Dreams" sounds kinda interesting to me too. The horse shifter thing is unusual to say the least. If you read it, I'd love to hear about 'cuz I'm tempted.