I am back

So I'm back home. Wedding went off without a single hitch. Yes, apparently that can actually happen.

I feel so out of the loop even though I was able to do a bit of checking up throughout the week. So is there any juicy gossip I may have missed? Any interesting blog posts from last week I should know about?

We'll be picking up Gambit tomorrow morning from the vet. I'm sure he thinks we've abandoned him.

There are no fast food restaurants right off the Burnsville exit. This was highly annoying. And an accident on 494 that made traffic move vewwy vewwy slowly.

I bought three Blaze books at Target tonight and get home to realize that one that I'd really wanted to get, I grabbed the wrong one. Hmph. So I got The Domino Effect by Julie Elizabeth Leto instead of If You Could Read My Mind... by Jeanie London that I wanted. The others I got were Hide & Seek by Samantha Hunter and Just Trust Me... by Jill Shalvis. Is Blaze going ellipses happy?

I did get a fair amount of reading done, but really don't have the patience to do individual posts for them. So I'll do one long one.

Editing to mention one really funny incident:

The mother of the groom had a brief encounter with "this weird guy" at our hotel.

Turns out she passed by Rob Zombie who was staying at our hotel (The Radisson in Fargo). We all got a kick out of it. She's definitely not the type to know who he is, but she does now!


Mailyn said...

poor Gambit. I think that happened with my doggie when I left him at the vet once. the look on his face broke my heart.

lol Rob Zombie! I like his music. any pictures?

Fickle Fiona said...

Welcome back! Happy reading.