I survived yesterday

Though I did go home for my break and took a shower. I just didn't want to be that hot and sticky for the rest of the day. There are definite perks to living only about five minutes from work.

Today there's a heat advisory. Oh yay. You can see the lovely forecast for yourself here.

On other news, I finished up my very first Nora Roberts (I don't count JD Robb as Nora). Finished up Angels Fall last night. Will try to get the review up soon.

Also am reading The King's Own by Lorna Freeman. The woman really needs a website. I feel like I want to email her and bug her about the next book in the series since I want it RIGHT NOW. I really need to read more fantasy than I have been. I miss it. So will add more fantasy to my reading. I do have plenty on my shelf that I haven't read.


CindyS said...

I can't get into JD Robb but I just bought Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts after not reading her for years. It's in the never-ending pile right now.

Glad you survived yesterday - guaranteed to have had me bitching and probably fired!


Mailyn said...

I hate the summer, I hate the heat, and I hate the sunlight much as we need it. I feel you.

Anne said...

Your very first NR book? WOW! I hope you liked it. I thoroughly enjoyed her "key" trilogy and some of the others. Her Chesapeake Bay series was fabulous too.

Rene Lyons said...

You know, I've never read Nora Roberts. I thought I was the only one not int he NR club. lol I'm curious to see if you enjoyed the book.