Well, today was my day off. Spent most of it running around. Week from tomorrow we leave for ND to attend my SIL's wedding. And you know, I'm never happy, so now I have a NEW dress. Similar style, I just decided on one with 3/4 length sleeves. :-) Also got my haircut even though I wasn't going to. And bought a bra at VS that I will now take back. And shoes from Payless that I think aren't as comfortable as I want. So I think those will go back. And I will continue to lust after their $95 counterparts from Von Maur.

On the book front:

Cover of Night by Linda Howard - really enjoyed it. Was only my second Linda Howard.
Mackenzie's Pleasure (er, whatever one had Joe) by Linda Howard - finished this last night and really enjoyed it.
Captive of My Desires by Johanna Lindsey - back to the Malorys and was good. Not her best, but definitely not her worst. It reminded me a lot of Gentle Rogue.

And yes, I still have some book reviews to write out. I promise to get to them soon!

We have a square foot piece of cork that's been lying on the floor and Gambit loves it. He sits on it, lies on it, kneads it with his paws and generally loves it.

My August issue of RT came today. Along with an issue of Real Simple. Seems my wonderful SIL bought me a subscription! I always am reading the issues when at my MIL's, so now I get to have my own. Very sweet of her and completely out of the blue.

And received mail from Margaret Moore. I'd won her contest to name the horse in a book and she sent me a copy. :-) My name is even in the beginning along with the other winner, thanking us.


Jorrie Spencer said...

I haven't liked every Howard, but I loved Joe's story! I also loved A Game of Chance, another MacKenzie story.

Did you hear that Howard is supposed to write a paranormal story for Nocturne, Silhouette's new line? I'll have to pick it up.

Nicole said...

Yeah, I heard about Nocturne. I'm going to have to try some of them.

Tara Marie said...

Nicole, I think you and I the only people to like Cover of Night--LOL.

Joe=MacKenzies Mission

Zane=MacKenzies Pleasure

I used to read Johanna Lindsey faithfully, now I only pick up the Mallory books, for some reason they still work for me.