The blahs and damn it's hard to buy ebooks

Day off today.

I don't know what it is with days off, but I tend to get depressed by the time it's the evening. Which is...rather depressing.

So I'm surfing along blogland and run into Cheryl St. John's post about eHarlequin's new Ebook Boutique. Oooh, I think. I should buy some books! come a regularly 5.99 book is now 6.30? *scratches head in wonderment* How come we can order a print book for the upcoming month, but can only pre-order it in ebook form?

I found all of this rather depressing. I mean, I like ebooks. I was so happy that maybe I could free up space on my shelves and stop the impulse buying at the store of those category romances. But not when the ebook form is going to be just as much, if not more in some case, as the print book. It just doesn't make economical sense to me. Whose bright idea was it to not offer discounts and instead even raise the prices of some of the books? And how come we can't get those upcoming books? Hmph.

But then, if I couldn't bring myself to buy from there, why not check out something cheaper. Like Nope, didnt find a thing I wanted there (but they do have some recent Brava titles for only 5.99). Maybe SimonSays or Kensington has something interesting. Nope. Fictionwise? nope. Ereader? Nope, I'm still mad that no matter how many times I sign up for their newsletter, I never get it. Thus I never get the damn e-coupon for reduced prices.

*growl* So I'm working myself into a dither. Or at least a state of extreme blah and general dislike of the world.

I mean, come on. I have my credit card out here on the desk all waiting to spend money on books. I've already been feeling like my bookshelves are a bit full and so I have been putting off a trip to the stores. I mean, I even decided to not spend my work bonus on books. The shelves, they really are full.

Well, Nick took me out on a short walk and that helped. So I came back and looked online at what my library may have added to its catalog. I see In Fury Born by David Weber and it looks rather interesting. Hmmm, I think. Maybe that's available in ebook form. Baen book. Aha! Found it at their site for a measly 6 dollars. For a book that's only out in hardback. Sweet. So I've got that. Although sadly, that's ALL I got.

I did finish The Matchmaker by Jamie Denton and really liked it, though. That was good. And got to start the new Stephanie Rowe book. Oooh...I actually kinda like that little book video at the beginning.


Meril said...

In Fury Born is really good; I think you'd like it. It's just...well, it's almost 900 pages in hardcover, so at least you free up space in the house by buying the ebook? ;)

I've had the same problem with ebooks. I keep looking at the romance ebook publishers, but the books are expensive and not very long, and they only come in one format and [complaints omitted for space by poster] So I end up buying from Baen. As usual. It's too bad that they don't publish romance XD

Nicole said...

Meril, so far I'm really enjoying it. It's been a long time since I've read one of his books. Or a strictly SF book, for that matter.

ag said...

Y'know, it may have soemthign to do with the fact that I surf the web a lot at work and at home that I'm disinclined to buy a lot of ebooks even though I know I'll be saving some trees.

There's nothing quite like grabbing a hold of a good book and flipping the pages for me. I told myself I've got to try ebooks out but haven't gotten round to it yet.

maybe some day ...

Mailyn said...

I don't mind reading e-books if they aren't in print. My problem with e-books is the reading part. I hate reading long things online because my eyes can't take the glare.

skapusniak said...

You'll have to tell me what you think once you get to the second half of In Fury Born, because that's a previously published book (somewhat revised apparently) that the brand spanking new first half is a prequel to.

I'm wondering how sharp the stylistic jolt of moving from David Weber (writing today) to David Weber (writing however many years ago) is when you've not read that part before. It feels quite sharp to me having read that second half before -- I have my original paperback copy kicking around here somewhere.

A bit of strange arrangement, frankly. Not that I don't like both halves in different ways -- after all if I'd like the original book, I wouldn't have bought this version, even as an ebook, for the prequel -- I'm just not convinced they fit together that well as far as say, characterisation, goes. Does explain the 900 pages of course, since it's actually two books.