Invisible Touch by Summer Devon

Never fear, I really have been reading lots, just not writing about them. I do have a list!

Up here is an ebook that I won from Summer in a chat.

When Bonnie spurns the sexual advances of a real creep, she suddenly finds herself invisible to any man she finds attractive. She soon learns that the creepy man she turned down is also an amateur sorcerer who has placed an invisibility curse on her. Now he's threatening to make it permanent unless she agrees to spy on his boss, a man Bonnie finds irresistible. She just can't keep her hands from exploring his sexy body!

At first Jared thinks he's going crazy. He knows he's embracing a delicious female but he doesn't know if the invisible being is an actual woman or ghost. When things heat up between Jared and Bonnie, they find a way to communicate. Now they have to figure out how to thwart Jared's enemy or Jared will never get a good look at the woman he's felt…all over.

Now, I liked the story. It's cute and is also quick and easy to read. Unfortunately, when I think about it more after reading it, it sorta falls apart. The magic part of it is accepted a bit too easily. So does that mean magic is an accepted part of the world in the story? I never understood how that really worked. And we never really learn much about Bonnie and Jared other than that they lust after each other. I never got that these two had lives outside what was written on the page. I know it's a short story, but I like to have a sense that the characters are well-rounded. I suppose I felt that things were also wrapped up a little too neatly in the end.

So while I liked Invisible Touch while I was reading it, I ended up with more questions than answers to really enjoy it further.

Ellora's Cave says that it's the first in a series, but no clue how there will be spinoffs, unless it deals more with magic. Perhaps future stories will explain the worldbuilding more. I just didn't get enough to be satisfied. I really liked Perfection, another story by Summer, so I will read her again. And I liked her first book written as Kate Rothwell. So for now, I'm just going to think of this one as a fluke that just didn't work for me.

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