Surf's Up by Nina Bangs, MaryJanice Davidson, and Janelle Denison

First story in this anthology is Janelle Denison's Hot and Bothered. It has recent-divorcee Reissing lusting after bar owner Shea O'Brien. She's now got a nice house on the beach as part of her divorce settlement and is a budding jewelry designer. Shea's been attracted to her ever since he saw her with her jackass husband when they used to visit his bar together. Now she's free, whoopie!

Bleh. This story was rather boring. Was more of a short Blaze than anything and the way you could see the conflict coming a mile away was highly annoying and rather silly. It was just a bland story and rather forgettable and unremarkable.

Second story is by MaryJanice Davidson and is called Paradise Bossed. It stars characters from a previous anthology, Cathy and Jack. Well, the main character is Nikki, who dies in a freak snorkeling accident when she is inadvertently scared a stingray and it stings her and she ends up drowning. Well, she's vacationing with Cathy and Jack and they feel awful about not knowing how she died or what and stay on the island, hoping her body will be found. So Jack knows a psychic (from his previous tale, apparently) and brings that psychic to the island. The psychic is Tom and basically Tom and Nikki (she's a ghost now) fall in love. Only he's supposed to be helping her pass on, not getting it on while spirit walking.

Fun story, rather humorous and much better than the Denison one. It's still nothing special, but after the first story....

Third story is Hot Summer Bites by Nina Bangs. And quite frankly, I don't feel like reading it. It's another Sparkle Stardust story and something about an investigative reporter getting together with a vampire. But, I'm not really in the mood for a Nina Bangs story. I need to be in the mood to read her brand of humor and tonight's not it. Oh well.


Valeen said...

Hmmmm ... well I think I'll pass on this one then.

The cover alone was enough to make me pass I think. Usually I like a chest cover but this one I just don't enjoy.

Karen Scott said...

I have this one, skipped MJD's and read Dennison's and Bangs.

I think that naybody with as cool a name as Nina Bangs should be a fantastic writer, but I haven't enjoyed any of her other stuff at all. She does bland very well.

Mailyn said...

Don't care for the authors but that is one lickable cover! LOL.

Kaitlin said...

Nicole-Just read Playing with Fire by Gena Showalter. It was very interesting. Some very funny parts. :) The hero is yummy too. *sigh*

Colleen Gleason said...

Nice cover.

I hear that books with bare chests on the covers sell really well. Super well.

Wonder if it's true. Probably. I don't know, though...for me, I wouldn't buy it just for the cover. I might not even pick it up, even though it's great to look at.

Nicole said...

Well, I wouldn't have bought it for the cover. I don't particularly like it.

I actually got this one off PBS, so I didn't shell out trade price for it.