Storming, books, cats, oh my!

it's storming here. Woke up at 5 this morning to lightning and thunder. Went to the bathroom and heard this crinkling of plastic to see Gambit making a run for the bedroom from his hiding place under the couch. So I was nice and let him in. He shot under the bed and has been there ever since. And someone's car alarm has been set off. Very annoying.

I have started reading Kim Harrison! I read Dead Witch Walking night before last and started the second book last night. I bought the second and third at work yesterday since I liked the first one so much.

Also read Moon Called by Patricia Briggs and need to do a review. Bad me. And get up my fantasy post. It was seriously cool to read it since I grew up in the area. Like Mercy meets someone in Howard Amon Park. I got married there. :-) And Hanford and the talk about the alphabet houses, so I was able to picture the homes quite well. As well as her mention of the affluent homes that are up on the hills. Yup, I can picture that. Maybe I'll find a picture that I have of some of the hills. It's definitely not what people think of when they think of Washington.
Think not green. Think shades of brown.

Today is another day off, but I close Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday at work. :-( Not fun.

I did buy shoes at Zappos. Have I mentioned how cool Zappos is? You get free shipping and they ship things out FAST. And if it doesn't fit (and it's hard to get the right fit the first time with shoes), you can print out a return complete with UPS label and just drop off the box at the nearest UPS place. And then they will refund your money. Pretty quickly, too. I definitely recommend them. I've got these annoying wide feet and it is SO hard to find shoes that fit. So I picked up a pair of the cutest Naturalizers. Only problem was that they're a half size too big, so I'm returning them and getting the half-size smaller. But my goodness, my foot wasn't being squeezed! Yay. I also bought these. Hopefully they will work out.

Anyone else have such a hard time finding shoes? I'm so jealous of those who can just go into a shoe store and find something that fits in almost every brand.

Now on to a shower and writing my upcoming fantasy stuff post.


Dance Chica said...

I loved Moon Called! I've been raving about that book everywhere, lol. I've also read Dead Witch Walking but I didn't like that book too much. Unfortunately, I was smart (NOT!) and bought the second and third books before reading the first so eventually I'll give the series another shot. Glad you enjoyed them though. :)

Milady Insanity said...

Nicole, you don't have any right to complain about shoes.

Nobody even makes MY size! LOL.

I liked Moon Called a lot better than I did Dead Witch Walking, and I'm looking forward to its sequel, to be released in February, called Blood Bound.

Mailyn said...

I love shoe shopping and I am so addicted I have way more than I need. lol.