Cats, cats, cats, they are expensive!

Ah yes, those lovely vet visits. Had to take BOTH cats in today. And because we haven't acquired two carriers, it was two different times. First Tux went in for his boosters and a follow-up visit. Still have to give him eye drops, but now only twice a day instead of three. And he's getting his teeth cleaned tomorrow. And while he's getting that done, they're going to remove a lump under one of his front legs. Oops, forgot to ask how much that would be before today. Just said, yup, we'll do it. So yeah, that'll be a few hundred extra.

The Gambit went in for his six-month checkup. Usually he is so extremely mellow at the vet that they compliment him a lot. Not this time! He was so squirrelly I could not believe it. At least he didn't get mean, just squirmed a whole lot. And because one of his eyes was a bit weepy, they did an eye check. Drops for him, too! Ooph. Between the two cats, in the past thirty days we'll spend around $750. Ah well. The things you do for your pets.

AND now Gambit's in a mood and even is snubbing food so we're watching him. He may have landed wrong sometime tonight and be sore, or something else. We'll see. He was fine this morning for the vet, so it's something new. Ugh. Poor guy. He also isn't liking Tux very well. They have been getting into fights. No blood drawn, but lots of growling and yowling. We are going to put Soft Paws on Tux to even the odds a bit as Gambit is declawed (not by us). At least they weigh the same. Gambit just isn't much of a fighter. I hope they work things out soon. But as the vet said, it's only been a few weeks. Uff da.

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