Starting off the new year right...

With two books finished already. Finished up Sea Swept by Nora Roberts (or whatever is the first in the Chesapeake series) and I Do, I Do, I Do by Maggie Osborne. And thank you thank you thank you Wendy for recommending this author! I read The Best Man before I Do and I loved both of these books. I plan to read more. And I'm on a western kick. But I want a real western, not one that's just a wallpaper western.

I enjoyed the NR book and will continue the series, but I felt there was a bit missing from the romance. It just seemed so rushed. I do want to learn more about the story and the other brothers, though.

I just loved how Osborne managed to put in three complete romances in I Do without making it feel like some were lacking. They were all equally important, it seemed. Such a good book! I suspect an Osborne glom is upon me. Any ideas of what I should read next? And why oh why does she not have a website? Or new books? I suppose there's some gossip somewhere that I've missed.


Wendy said...

You're welcome!

Osborne has never had a web site, and she retired a couple of years ago. Some nonsense about wanting to spend time with her family! Like her family needs her more than I do!

I'm still working through her backlist, but two others I highly recommend are Prairie Moon and The Seduction Of Samantha Kincaid (warning: this one is HTF). Enjoy the glom!

Nicole said...

Thanks. I'm going to check at work to see what they have.