Hot by Julia Harper

Oh, this was such a fun book! So here's Hot by Julia Harper (who is also Elizabeth Hoyt, but you all know that already):

A Woman With a Plan
For most people, being held at gunpoint by inept bank robbers disguised as Yoda and SpongeBob SquarePants would make for a bad day. For local librarian Turner Hastings, it's an opportunity. Using the distraction to pull a little heist of her own, she dives into a new life... on the run.

A Cop on a Mission
FBI Special Agent John MacKinnon always gets his man... or woman. After watching Turner Hastings dump the contents of a safety deposit box into her purse on a surveillance tape, he knows this case won’t be run of the mill. What he doesn't expect is how the cellphone contact between him and his bounty is about to blur the line between professional ambition and personal desire. When bullets from a hired hitman start flying in Turner's direction, giving weight to her claims of injustice, John is willing to cross any line to save her life...even if it means losing his own.

Things Are Getting HOT

I just whipped through this book. It's so much fun. Sexy, cute, fast-paced. I really liked both of the main characters. I also liked that the author didn't decide to make some silly mystery of everything. The plot just zips along. Anyways, I highly recommend this one. And Squeaky is so cute. And the bank robbers are too hilarious. Yes, some of John's actions aren't exactly what an FBI agent should do, but within the book, it works. I thought about it while I was reading and wondering to myself why it works in this book, but not in others. I think it's just the writing style that makes it work. Anyways, lots of fun.


Megan Frampton said...

I didn't know Harper and Hoyt were the same! What a goober I am! Thanks for the heads-up, I love Hoyt, so I'll go find this one.

Kristie (J) said...

I just finished The Spymaster's Lady and LOVED it to pieces and was looking for something entirely different. I picked up Hot thinking that should do the trick but then wasn't sure (you know how sometimes when a book is overwhelmingly good you hit a bit of a slump after?) But now I'll go ahead and read this one :)