Head Over Heels by Susan Andersen

Summary swiped from Susan Andersen's site:
Veronica Davis swore she'd never voluntarily step foot in the family honky-tonk again. But now circumstances have brought her back, and it's even worse than she remembers… thanks to Cooper Blackstock, a bossy pseudo-bartender with an agenda all his own.

I really enjoyed this one. The characters are both really great and Coop and Ronnie are great together. Ronnie has good reason to want to stay away from home, but she knows she has to stay for her niece's sake and does what has to be done. I like that in a character. She doesn't whine and pull out her chair, she just gets things done. And I also liked how any misunderstandings between Ronnie and Coop are handled really well and fairly quickly. Things that I hoped wouldn't become a huge problem didn't. There's also a great secondary romance with one of Ronnie's friends. Even the kids that are secondary characters were written well.

This is the first of the Marines series and I have all the rest and plan to read them eventually.

Now I'm on to Iron-kissed by Patricia Briggs.

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