Ceiling fans...

They are a bitch to install! Ooph, it took us four evenings to finally get it completely installed. There was attic work involved for poor Nick, too.

ceiling fan

But it's pretty. :-)


Megan Frampton said...

It is pretty! We'll be in your shoes soon--we're picking out ceiling fans in the next coupla weeks.

We have to buy a hugger, though, 'cause our ceilings are low.

Nicole said...

Our ceilings aren't terribly high (just standard height), but this one is also over the bed, so it doesn't need to be quite as high.

It's very quiet too.

Good luck looking at them. There are so many different choices.

Strlady said...

You have FABULOUS taste! I have the exact same style in two of my bedrooms and my Dad (who comes to visit once a year and plays the handyman for us) commented on the difficulty in installing it as well.