Been awhile since we've had a Gambit post

This would be Gambit hiding under my desk. I have no idea how he got himself turned around back there, it's not a large space.

Also....I've come to the conclusion that he just doesn't miaow. Just doesn't. He squeaks and pirrups and coos, but no meowing going on. Maybe once in a great while, but not on a day to day basis. It's mostly the high-pitched squeaks. And oh he sounds funny when he yawns in the middle of a squeak.

He's also thrilled that we have the sliding door to the balcony open a lot now. He loves to sit out on the ledge there whatever it is that he does. But he loves it. And sometimes if he's out there and I'm back in the computer room, he'll come running in and sit down in the middle of the room and talk to me. Then after a scratch or two, he'll run back out. Or he'll stay and bat my arm with his head until I pay more attention to him (mostly a ploy to get more food).

And since we started putting his daily allotment of food in a gladware container in the morning, he's not been packing on the weight (okay, he gained a pound and a half, but still!). Now he's pretty much staying the same. He was getting overfed when we were guesstimating the scoop sizes. *g*

And he STILL gets into the section of Nick's desk where the boards are at, even though we've got it covered. Silly kitty. But who has a cat who DOESN'T try to get where he doesn't belong?

Ahh...I love my cat.


CindyS said...

Awwww, I love your kitty too ;)

Now that we are moving to a bigger house I told Bob that we may not be able to find the cats - we live in a bungalow and they stay on the main floor - moving to a 4 bedroom 2 story. I suggested that maybe we would need to get at least two more kittens. Shot down!!

I think I'll get my way once he discovers that I'm not going to be traipsing up and down those stairs to carry his beloved cats to bed. Uh, no. You should have told them where you were going.

In the mornings when I go to bed I'll just turn to Amber and tell her it's time. She's run into the bedroom and find her place on the bed - some days she stays all day and others she's gone in a few minutes. What surprised me is that Emma now wants to come in when I go to bed but it's to play with the covers so I have to spend 5 minutes shushing my hand under the covers for her to chase before I can roll over and bed down.

Lord, I could go on about my pets!


Maili said...

Honestly, Gambit is such a cutie.

Megan Frampton said...

I like your Gambit posts, too. I wish we could have a kitty, but it's either no kitty and live Megan, or kitty and wheezing, about-to-be-dead Megan.

Good thing the husband and son haven't figured that out yet.

Amie Stuart said...

Nicole I have one that doesn't talk either! For a while I thought she was deaf, then she hissed at one of the other cats!

Nicole said...

Oh, he talks, it's just not miaowing. He has kind of a low trill that he uses to announce his presence (or if he wants something). And the squeaks. ANd the occasional coo.