Frozen Four

At 2 this afternoon I'll be ensconced in the living room with Nick, watching the Sioux on ESPN2 as they kick off the Frozen Four against Boston College.

Making up this post, I headed to the WCHA site and ran across this article. Here's a sample:

"I have had no change in philosophy, either in how we play, or in the attitude we always try to play with," said Hakstol [Sioux coach]. "We want to play very aggressively, with speed, and use our natural skill. But we always want to be physical, and everything generates off that."

Great response, Dave. Direct, to the point, exactly the way the Fighting Sioux play. Many coaches would have seized the opportunity to lobby about not taking penalties in hopes of getting favorable treatment from officials, but not Hakstol. It is engraved on the psyche of every Fighting Sioux player that to live up to the program's heritage, they come at you with no secrets - no mystery. Here they are, with their Native American logo proudly on their chests, and if you can't see it too well now, pay attention, because it will be up close and personal in a second, an instant before they crunch you into the boards.

What you see is what you get, and if the Sioux play at a pace that is too rough and too fast for you, well...too bad.Youthful, and inconsistent early, nobody would call this year's Fighting Sioux team physically intimidating, and certainly not chippy. But they play textbook in-your-face Sioux hockey, and they do it well.

*crosses fingers* Go SIOUX!!!!!!!


Angela James said...

2 goals in the first period with 7 minutes still left to go? A short-handed goal? *hiding head* tell me when it's over.

Nicole said...

Yeah, Nick keeps reaching over and patting my knee, telling me to calm down.

Angela James said...

*groan* 6-3...painful. Seven minutes left? Blah.

Nicole said...

Well.....6-5...but aww...oh that sucked.