Deep Breath by Alison Kent

Deep Breath is the latest and greatest in Alison Kent's SG-5 series.

When a guy stops at a roadside diner, he expects bad chili, not a hostage situation. But that's where SG-5 operative Harry van Zandt finds himself when an armed cartel blows through the door They're not after him but the woman in the next booth, and their message is clear: she's got seventy-two hours to locate and deliver a valuable historical document or her brother dies. And if Harry wants to live, he'd better go with her.

Harry has his own undercover mission to finish, but with a trigger-happy band on their tails, it'll have to wait. Not that he minds helping George McClain. The tough treasure hunter is as smart as she is sexy. She's also desperate. That artifact could finally clear her late father's name. She needs Harry if she's going to double-cross these thugs and keep it for herself, and her gratitude is the kind that could turn a guy's head. Too bad that document is of vital importance to the Smithson Group, and Harry's Top Secret Mission is to get it before it falls into the wrong hands. Now, the beautiful, infuriating woman he's starting to fall for could lead him right to what he needs--"and what she so desperately wants.

Out on the open road with a price on their heads, two unlikely lovers are caught in a game of secrets, lies, betrayals, and desire, where trust is risky and love leaves no time to catch your breath.

Ahh....I had fun reading this one. We've met Harry in some of the other books, but now he's got his own book. Deep Breath is very fast-paced. It zips along and doesn't get bogged down in details. Those looking for deep character introspectives won't find it here, but what you will find is great sexual tension combined with lots of action. Both Georgia and Harry aren't completely honest with each other regarding their motivations, but that doesn't interfere with the romance you can see growing between them. They may not be telling the whole truth to each other, but their basic character is out in the open. I always dislike any romance that pops up between characters when one or both of them are really disguising who they really are. Not so with Georgia and Harry. Harry's a take-charge guy, but I never got the tortured hero impression from him (thank goodness!). He's just a guy who's very good at his job and is finding himself distracted by one incredible woman for the first time in his life.

I think the only quibble I had when reading it was finding out Georgia's belief that she wasn't very good in bed. Other than that, I liked it and that's ultimately a minor thing. The sexual tension is great and the scenes between them are seriously hot.

I'm really trying to think up something other than I really enjoyed reading this book. Which I did. Even thinking back, I think, "I really enjoyed this one". I'm just having trouble saying why other than that I'm a sucker for a good fast-paced or action romance. I liked the end and how the author doesn't have these two professing their undying devotion to each other when they've only know each other for a weekend. What you do get at the end is the idea that these two care deeply for each other (and even love) and that they will work on making their relationship work. When a story takes place in such a short time, that's the ending I enjoy most.

And for the Ezra Moore fans, he makes a brief appearance. I can't wait for his story. He's such a mysterious character. You don't know quite whose side he's on (probably his own) and to have become such a trusted member of Spectra, he's had to have done some pretty nasty things, I'd imagine. I can't quite think Spectra would trust him if they hadn't had irrefutable proof that he's who he says he is.

I sincerely hope Alison Kent keeps on writing stories like this. And the cover for Deep Breath? It's hot.


Kelly said...

Maybe it's just because I taught the Chick Lit section of my class last night, but I'm beginning to think that Alison Kent is the mother of Action/Adventure Chick Lit.

Nicole said...

In some ways I think I agree and in some I disagree. I think of Chick Lit as more female-oriented, and Alison Kent's SG-5 series does have a strong male presence. But it's not quite firmly in romance territory either, which isn't a bad thing since I always have trouble with the declarations of undying devotion after a few days on the run. But whatever they are, they work for me. Perhaps it is because I do enjoy a good thriller and action/adventure book. I'd almost call her books what Crusie and Mayer are calling theirs, a romantic adventure.

Up next is going to be Don't Look Down. I've heard iffy things, but I always knew going in that the romantic elements wouldn't be the driving force behind the book and was quite fine with that. They do call it "romantic adventure" not "adventure romance". I was actually a Bob Mayer fan back when he was writing military thrillers. I should reread Eyes of the Hammer one of these days.