Hump day blahs and a whine

I want to finish up some posts about some recent books, but I'm having trouble getting in the right happy mood. Perhaps if I disliked the books this would be the right mood, but for now, it isn't. And I feel like I should do all the housework that accumulated the last two days, but I can't get the energy or motivation to do it. I feel so blah. Not quite depressed, but almost there. I think some of it is that I haven't been sleeping well lately and my allergies are worse this time of the year and a job hasn't miraculously appeared that I want. ANd sleep...I want to sleep through the night like I usually do. I hate the nights when my mind won't settle down and I feel so much anxiety, yet can't pinpoint what's worrying me. Blech. And there was a bug on my sham pillow when I woke up. Ick. Only noticed it as I was flipping my pillow over to get a few more Zs.

Maybe I'll just go read something different and curl up on the couch. As in, not something romance-y. Now if only Gambit would morph into lap kitty, life would be good. Currently, Gambit is window-ledge kitty. And knocked an almost full can of pop off my next sometime last night. Luckily it cleaned up quickly and didn't stain the carpet. Hmph. My fault for not bringing the can into the kitchen before I went to bed.


Brandy said...

Sorry to hear you have the blah's, ben there. You might want to try one of those mystery cozy's. Have you read Maddy Hunter? Her series is hilarious. Hope you get to feeling better.

Megan Frampton said...

I feel a lot like you right now. I hope we all feel better soon.

(And no, I can't pause without DVR. We have DVR. I am STILL an idiot).

Nicole said...

lol you had me going for a minute. I was like, what? I've had digital cable for almost two years and never knew it could do this?

DVR is on the list of things to get when I find employment.

Or I could maybe squeeze it in when we don't have to pay for Netflix anymore. (I won a year's worth from the other day)

Mailyn said...

awww...I have the blah's lately as well, they suck!

try doing something fun with the hubby to chase the blahs away I say hehehe ;)

Megan Frampton said...

Wow on the Netflix win! I use the DVR a lot for the son, plus recording movies that come on at 4:00 in the morning.

And now I get a ton of new releases from the libary--they have an online reservation system that rocks, and I got my son a card, too, so I could get movies for him (and more for me).