Question about "snarky" reviews

No, I'm not going to talk about my opinions on the matter, cuz, well, I'm not. but anyways, which blogs are they talking about? Seriously. I want to know. Cuz I can't think of any blogs on my reader/reviewer blog list (and there are a little over 60) that would qualify. So obviously I'm missing something. And quite frankly, why get upset over some reader review that's probably not even seen by that many people?

okay, so I read the damn RTB post on it. And er....I confess to not reading much of RBtB (Romance by the Book) BECAUSE it only does positive reviews. Yeah, I keep it on Snarfer to occasionally read the posts, but I don't rreligiously read it and never for any reviews. Only positive reviews were why I stopped reviewing at the review sites I did and why I don't head to them anymore for book info. I just can't trust a place that never tells me the bad and mediocre along with the good.

And geez, I just realized my blog isn't on the list at RtB. *pout* No wonder I haven't gotten many hits lately.


May said...


Romance By the Blog?

I agree about having only positive reviews, but I think that sometimes, the snarky places take it too far.

May said...

Also, does RTB make that much of a difference?

Because according to my site stats, people don't usually come from RTB.

Bev (BB) said...

I'm always surprised when those types of comments - those sounding like something a "newbie" would say, not necessarily anti-harsh review ones - come from people who supposedly have been on the web for a while and should knew more about the reality of the community. I just don't get the point they think they're making.

At all.

Or how to respond to it any more.

P.S. Hope you're feeling better, too, Nicole. Seems like everyone is sick lately. Oh, wait, May was sick, too. Or was that Mailyn? I've lost track. Maybe I should just post an "everyone get well soon" card on my blog. :(

Lori said...

I confess to eating up the snark, but not participating in it LOL. It's like watching a train wreck, you can't look away sometines. Although, I'm usually the last to know, since I'm always at work.

As for positive reviews, they aren't always positive on our site, but we do always try to find something nice to say, even if we didn't like the book. Constructive criticism :)

Suisan said...

For snark in action, check out the comments section on JMCarr's blog. A writer came by and gave her heck on a post about gingerbread houses for saying that she didn't like a book.

My eyes are going all woggly trying to figure out the rhyme or reason.

I need more hot cocoa. Clearly.

Suisan said...

Sigh. Meant to put in a link there. Sorry...

JM Carr

Bev (BB) said...

Now, see, the question that made my eyes bug out is this one "I am new to LiveJournal. Are you a reviewer? A blogger?" (This was from

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't LiveJournal a blogging program?!? This is EXACTLY what I meant above. It's past pushy and into strange.

I am not "against" authors. I love authors. I LOVE books. But I don't even understand this stuff. It's just weird and nonsensical.

Okay, herbal coffee break. ;p

Anonymous said...

I love the snark. I'd kill to have the Smart Bitches snark the hell out of me. lol

Mailyn said...

I guess they are really just trying to talk about snarky reviews themselves and covering it up by pretending there are snark sites. That's my take on it. LOL.

Nicole said...

Mailyn, I suppose that makes sense. But yeesh, it's all so annoying.

May, I used to have more people come from there, but to be honest, my site stats are pretty pathetic :-)