Still sick

Yes, I am still sick. As of tomorrow, it will be two weeks. Ugh. Went to the doctor this morning and was told I have acute sinusitis and to rest for the rest of the weekend. No work for me. But I do get some nice cough medicine out of it. And different antibiotics. And I have become one with the couch.

Read two books today in between napping. Lost in Translation by Edward Willett and Greywalker by Kat Richardson. Both were quite good. Now I'm reading Match Game by Beverly Brandt.

Also...I somehow ran the battery so low on my iPaq that it erased everything. So, ugh, have to reload programs. Luckily all my ebooks were on my SD card and seem fine. And well, they're backed up on my PC. So no real loss, just highly annoying.


Suisan said...

You poor thing! Sinusitis sucks.

Here's really really hoping that the antibiotics kick in hard.

I drained the battery on my Palm a few months ago *while I was traveling* and had to reload everything.

BUT. The eBooks were fine. I couldn't access them until I had synced with my computer, but they returned as soon as I did. Whew!

Michele said...

Oh, no! I hate that kind of illness. What a way to start the new year. I hope you feel better soon and FAST!!!!

I LOVED Greywalker!! I really am looking forward to more in that series. What a clever twist on things, isn't it??

Happy reading and I look forward to your reviews!