Am I a bad blogger?

I've noticed lately that I haven't had any real thought-provoking posts. I haven't offended anyone or pushed any hot buttons. In fact, I seem to be downright boring. Well, boring is good, I suppose. I'm fairly boring in real life, too.

Fact is, I'm quite good at expressing my ever-changing opinion in response to something rather than being the one to originate those ideas. Ever-changing, yes. I'm very good at this. I'll feel one way about something until someone comes along with a good argument for the other side, or even another side, and think about it, and decide that they have a point and I may be wrong. *sigh* Or even just start out with thinking that both sides have rather valid arguments for thinking the way they do. I'm not very vehement about anything. Well, except for cigarette smoking (makes me sick, wish they'd just outlaw the nasty things) and human evolution ("creationism" has NO place in schools). I'm always trying to stay out of arguments online and offline and try not to take sides. Of course, this does have the effect of making me rather forgettable. (dear, you love me, you don't count)

So...back to our regular scheduled book blogging. I have a review of The Hope Chest that I need to finish up.


Kristie (J) said...

I know exactly what you mean. I'm the same. When I read Ms. Gigles or the Sart Bitches, I feel rather bland. I admire them tremedously for their sense(s) of humour.

BJ Deese said...

NO NO NO! You aren't a bad blogger. :) I always enjoy visiting you. You always talk about one of my passions...reading. :) And, I love that. Plus you throw in some cool stuff to, like your geek post. hahaha that was very funny. and, um, I think you do much better than me. You've seen my blog, nothing but sexy men and books and sexy men. *vbg*

Alyssa said...

For what it's worth, I enjoy your blog. I understand what you mean, though. I think my blog is one the Smart Bitches probably avoid, because I tend to use "LOL!" once or twice a week. ;)

I try to do thought-provoking once or twice a month (my top-five lists are an example), but people still seem to come to my blog even when it's business as usual.


Suzanne said...

The world can only take so much sarcasm and provoked thought. I like to visit "comfortable" places. Does that make sense?