Storm Watcher by Lilith Saintcrow

Ever since I read Dark Watcher for review at RJ, I've been waiting and waiting to read Storm Watcher, the sequel. And..ah...the wait is over. It's not quite as good as the first one, but I still love it. I think some of the appeal of the first one was the world-building and since SW is a sequel, it doesn't have as much of that going on. So...I do highly recommend reading Dark Watcher before Storm Watcher. I love urban fantasy like this, so going in, I kinda had a bias to like it. But, if you like to read fun urban fantasy with witches and dark things prowling the shadows and a hint of a bigger supernatural world, this has got it. And I want my own Watcher.

Mari is a Water Witch. She's trying to finish up her masters degree at school. She shares a dingy apartment with three other people and, lately, her Watcher. Hanson, her Watcher, adores Mari. She's his 'witch', the one person in the world who can make the pain of being a Watcher go away. He's also sworn to protect her with his life. Mari also has visions and lately she's been Seeing one of her best friends' death. School, her living situation, Hanson, and now her visions are taking a toll on her and she's under a lot of stress. Hanson, through all this, just tries to be supportive as he shields and protects her nightly from the Dark. He loves her, but doesn't think she feels the same; she doesn't quite trust him and is also rather afraid of him. Things come to a head when it turns out a spell from the previous book wasn't quite finished and if Mari doesnt do something about it, the entire city could be destroyed.

I think it's a great sequel to Dark Watcher and I can't wait to read the upcoming books that come out later this year. I do recommend reading Dark Watcher first. You can get it in print from Imajinn Books or from Amazon. It's also available in ebook form here. After you read it, you can make your own decision as to whether you want to read this one. I hope you do, though. I want to discuss these books with someone!

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