My trip to Waldenbooks!

I had some gift cards and coupons for Waldenbooks, so I decided to stop there this morning after we dropped off our recycling stuff (newspapers and magazines). I came out with five books and only spent $4.60. Woohoo! I plan to buy a bunch of categories this month, but I want to get them at Target or Walmart so I can buy all the ones I want. Hush by Jo Leigh is one I'm really looking forward to getting, as well as some other Blazes. Usually I get them for review at CataRomance since Blaze is my one of my review lines there, but didn't get a one for April. Not one! :-( I also plan to pick up Cole Dempsey's Back in Town by Suzanne McMinn.

It was sitting there on the shelf at the store, and since I've never read Kinsale, I thought I'd give it a try.

I LOVED Goddess of Spring and Elphame's Choice, so really looking forward to reading this one.

I've never read Susan Donovan, but the woman working at Waldens said she liked her, so I thought I'd give it a try. Gotta take a chance on something every once in awhile.

The premise sounds intriguing and I like the author as S.L. Viehl (what I've read, anyways), so I picked this one up.

I thought it looked interesting and I like SF romance.


Jill said...

Some great books!

Suzanne said...

I hope you enjoy Cole! :)

Nancy Henderson said...

Interesting blog. Happy reading!
Nancy Henderson
Historical Romance Author

sybil said...

I just picked up If Angels Burn for the same reasons you did.

Hope it is good ;)