Chasing Secrets by Kelsey Roberts and Bodyguard by Bev Havlir

I was in the mood for something short, so I picked up one of the Harlequin Intrigues on my shelf. I've got a whole shelf full of them since it's one of my favorite lines to read, but haven't had the time. This is another Landry one and involves Clayton Landry who was sent to jail for the murder of his wife. Victoria DeSimone worked for him and his wife in their law firm and her testimony on the stand did NOT help him. Unfortunately, her honesty hurt his case. She's been shunned by everyone in the small town since the Landrys are so popular, and is just now (it's been like 4 years since the trial) deciding that she needs to leave and start over somewhere else. Well, someone tries to kill Clayton in prison and he uses the distraction to escape. He comes after Victoria and makes her help him since he thinks she has something to do with all this and also because of what she did at the trial.

There's a lot more, but I did enjoy reading it. Just the fast-paced, quick read that I needed. The Vegas marriage was a bit unneeded for the plot, but I confess I just decided to ignore it. *g*

On impulse I decided to buy some books from Ellora's Cave last night. Decided to try a couple new authors, so I bought Bodyguard by Bev Havlir, Tales of the Shareem: Rees by Allyson James (no idea why I bought it, we'll see later if it's any good) and oddly enough, the next Trek Mi Q'an book by Jaid Black even though the first one was so over the top cheesy. Maybe that's why I bought it. *g* Sometimes you need over the top cheesy. So...I read Bodyguard last night. Here's the blurb from EC's site:
Dr. Paige Harrington devoted most of her young life to becoming a trauma surgeon. She missed out on a lot of things, including dating and relationships. But now she's ready for a change. Now that she's independent, she wants to enjoy herself, go out on dates and finally have some sex.

But her plans go awry when she witnesses a brutal murder. The only one who's seen the killer's face and lived to tell about it, the police are determined to protect their witness.

Detective Nick Santorelli is not happy about his latest assignment babysitting a prissy doctor. Things get more complicated when he finds himself attracted to Paige. He knows there is a sexy woman hiding underneath the bulky clothes and uptight attitude, and he sets out to prove himself right.

The two quickly find themselves mired in a hot, sexy affair. But there is danger stalking Paige, a killer who intends to leave no witnesses to his perverted crimes…

I rather liked it and it was another nice fast-paced read that I recommend if you're in the mood for a contemporary erotic romance. It's about 112 pages in pdf form, which I think usually think of as being category length in print books. So short, but not overly short. We've got a almost-virgin here, but since she's a young doctor and spent most of adolescence in college and med school, I didn't mind. Nick's quite hot, even though he's also a bit hot-headed and does some stupid things toward the end. Overall I enjoyed the book. It's not a "wow" book, but it also wasn't a stinker. It was nice to take a chance on a book and have it turn out okay. I don't really love a lot of the authors that have the huge fan followings, like Lora Leigh. I enjoy her books, but they really aren't THAT good ALL the time. I still have to read some of the ones of hers that I have.

Well, that's all for now. Two nice, average reads.


McVane said...

Having spent Too Much Money on books recently, I'm refusing to read your book comments. *shelter eyes from book bits* Anyway, could you please drop me an email [applecross9 @] as there is a favour I'd like to ask. :) Thanks.

Oh, crap. I caught that bit about Harlequin Intrigue. So it's your favourite line? I have always wanted to read more from the line [I hadn't read any since, oooh, mid-'90s?], but there are so many authors that aren't familiar to me. Any recs? Thanks. :)

McVane said...

Goddammit. I have to stop using the word 'always'. I use that damn word too oft! That's me talking t0 myself. Don't mind me. :D

Nicole said...

Màili, I enjoy Julie Miller's books. Partner-Protector and Police Business are two recent ones that are good. Dana Marton also writes some good ones, she's a new Intrigue author. I've liked the ones that I've read. They're kinda like romantic suspense candy. The perfect thing to pick up when you don't have a lot of time or don't want to read something more intense.

McVane said...

Thank you for that. I've noted their names. Cheers. :)

Karen Scott said...

The Bodyguard was the firt Bev Havlir book that I read, and I have to say, I really did enjoy it. My romance reading has been haphazard at best lately cuz I seem to be going through a reading snit at the moment.