Reviewing and new books

I have reviews to write and it's driving me nuts that I can't get the summary right for any of them. Got to be short and to the point, yet compelling enough that the poor schmuck who reads it is interested. Definitely my least liked part of reviewing. Grrr. *sigh*

On another front, I bought some books last night at Barnes and Noble.

The Captain by Lynn Collum (cover is in the Zebra Regency post)
The Perfect Family by Carla Cassidy (this one looks nice and creepy, hope it delivers)
To Love a Thief by Julie Ann Long (finally broke down. I loved The Runaway Duke and the reviews for this look promising)

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Bron said...

Hi Nicole! Over on RTB, you mentioned that you're interested in why writers choose to write what they do. I blogged on that today on my blog, just in case you're interested.

Love your blog - I'll come back and visit. I enjoy reading reviews as I live in a small town without access to many bookshops, so I have to mail order stuff, and its good to have opinions to go on when deciding what to order.