Blaze gets a new look in August

While I was at Alison Kent's blog today, I noticed she had up a cover for her August Blaze, Kiss & Makeup. It has a different look than some of the Blazes that I've seen recently, so I headed over to Amazon to take a look. Here are four covers for the August Blaze releases that seem to be the start of a new look. It's a look I rather like. They're also going up to 6 books a month in July (I think that's the month they start), instead of the usual 4 that they have had.

First up is Kiss & Makeup by Alison Kent. It's in the Hush miniseries that started with Jo Leigh's Hush and will have Thrill Me by Isabel Sharpe in June. It's an every other month thing.

I like the look of the cover, even though I went "huh?" at the sight of an actual room key on the cover in this day and age.

Next up is Jacquie D'Alessandro's Why Not Tonight? and again, I like the cover.

It looks like it's going to be a 24 Hours miniseries book. I'm looking forward to seeing how that miniseries will do. It's got to be hard to pack a good story in a 24 hour timespan.

Almost done. Here's Who's On Top? by Karen Kendall.

I like the imagery of her hand on top of his here. And it's sexy, but not in your face sexy. Nice. It also seems to be the first of a three-book miniseries by her that will continue in September and October.

And last, but not least, here's Texas Fire by Kimberly Raye (whose website doesn't seem to work at the moment).

Oooh...a cover with Texas in the title and no cowboy! It's kinda cute and makes you wonder why on earth a piece of sexy lingerie is hanging inside an old barn.

Well, that's all. This was sort of a drive-by cover post. I'm curious to see if anyone else likes the newer covers. Maybe I'll update it when I see more covers out.


Found the last two covers for August. So here they are!

Kristin Hardy's U.S. Male. I think this is in the middle of another miniseries. Which begs the question, is Blaze becoming a little too miniseries happy? From what I could see, it looks like Kimberly Raye's book is part of a miniseries too. Hmmm...

Well, I admit the cover is kinda cute.

On to the last one. Dorie Graham's The Morning After.

I really like the colors on this one. All the greens with the red kinda reminds me of the Garden of Eden and the forbidden apple. Cheesy, but true. AND...I think I see a miniseries logo there too. Bah.

Well, don't know much else about these books, but I do like the covers. We'll see how many I actually buy. I've already got a shelf full of Blazes that I need to read. Ack! Definitely Alison's, since I plan to follow the HUSH series. Maybe Jacquie's to see how the 24 hour thing goes.


sybil said...

ooohhhhhh I like. I really like Kent's and the pool one. Raye's looks fun too. I haven't read too much in the Blaze line, I might have to try these.

I think I have a few at home. Your package went to the post office today! Go me. And I had forgotten Unmasked but since I live 5 mins from work I went and got it ;). So hopefully your three books shall find your home soon. That only took me three weeks. Sorry.

Weren't you going to put up some reviews of those books in your side bar or are they going on the site you review?

Nicole said...

Erm....that would be I will post them when I write them. Which um, hasn't happened yet. *bad me* I did finish the review of Gossamyr by Michele Hauf and it's up at CataRomance.

Jill said...

I love the new covers, and can't wait to see my own!

Alyssa said...

Ooh, the new covers are wonderful! I think they needed an updated look. They are all pretty good, but I love Kent's and D'Alessandro's.


Suzanne said...

I love Kimberly Raye's! That was a fun look at the new cover trends in Blaze. They've been doing a lot of new things with category covers lately!

Kristie (J) said...

I like them too. It looks like they've improved over that poor book that "won" first place in the worst covers at AAR.

Shannon said...

I still can't believe that one made it out of the art department like that. *g*

I love the new covers! Thanks so much for posting them, because I hadn't seen them yet!

CW said...

Ooh, thanks for putting these up. I like these new ones, too. I've liked the UK versions of Blaze better than the US ones (or at least the ones Maili posted), so this is a nice step in the good covers direction.

And a far, far step from that infamous cover from the cover contest! *g*

BJ Deese said...

These are great! I just noticed the cover on Alison's site this morning. It's time for a change, and they've done a good job with it.

McVane said...

Speaking of covers, what did you think of Julie Kenner's THE GIVENY CODE? Thanks. x

McVane said...


Nicole said...

Givenchy Code...really really good. I just submitted my review of it to Cata, so it should be up sometime tonight. It was just really good. And the heroine wasn't TSTL! I thought it was lots of fun.