The really long ebook post

Since there are some people out there who are thinking about reading ebooks or perhaps are interested in trying some of the erotic romance out there in the e-pubs, I thought I'd mention some authors that I've really enjoyed. All the book links are to the pub's page for that particular book. You can read the blurbs that way. Not all of these are erotic romance, either.

Shelly Laurenston writes some of the best werewolves and also writes strong female characters who really DO kick ass. Her books can be found at Triskelion Publishing. A nice thing about Triskelion is that you can find the number of pages the file will be in Adobe PDF under the book cover. It's a nice feature.

Werewolves series in order:
Pack Challenge (you gotta love an alpha heroine who's matched with an alpha male who knows when to just stay back and let her kick some ass all by herself)
Go Fetch! (Miki is a hoot!)
Here Kitty, Kitty (Hillbilly weretigers. 'nuff said.)
Pride Christmas in Brooklyn

She also has a shape-changing dragon story that's good:
To Challenge A Dragon

I loved every single one of these books and Shelly's books are auto-buys. Hope she has a new release sometime soon.

TV Bride by Meg Bellamy. Deals with a reality show ala The Bachelor and is quite cute. I don't like reality tv, but I still liked the book. Meg Bellamy also writes as Mardi Ballou for steamier stuff.

Rachel Carrington
has a couple stories at Triskelion that I enjoyed. They are Indigo Spell, Timeless Spell, and Under His Spell.

Again from Triskelion: Mayan Nights by Therese MacFarland. It's a nice contemporary novella with some paranormal elements. It's got a very sexy archaeologist in it.

Okay..on to Ellora's Cave.

The Aunts and the Dove by Cassie Walder. I don't hear much about this book, but I really enjoyed it. The main characters are Orthodox Jews and it also deals with shapeshifters. It's a very interesting tale. It's a bit long, but if you're in the mood, I recommend taking a chance on it.

Darla's Valentine and The Phallus from Dallas are two novellas that are by Samantha Winston and are quite funny. They're good for putting a smile on your face.

Tielle St. Clare's Shadow of the Dragon series is a favorite and I'm eagerly awaiting the fourth book in the series. Here they are in order:
Dragon's Kiss
Dragon's Fire
Dragon's Rise

Ordinary Charm by Anya Bast is good. It's a paranormal and the heroine is a size 14 witch. It was one of those stories that I enjoyed more than I thought I would.

Cheyenne McCray's Wonderland series is good. It's BDSM in a fantasy setting. Ordinarily I don't care much for that, but perhaps it was the fantasy setting that made me enjoy it more. Anyways, it's a series I enjoyed. Here they are in order:
King of Hearts
King of Spades
King of Diamonds
King of Clubs

Shelley Munro is another author I really like. Her Talking Dog series is a hoot and I was surprised at how much I loved her contemporary title.

Talking Dog:
Talking Dogs, Aliens, and Purple People Eaters
Never Send a Dog To Do a Woman's Job

Summer in the City of Sails (her contemporary title)

Another hot and funny title is The Pleasure Bot by Delilah Devlin. She also has a vamp series that I have some of the books to, but haven't gotten around to reading yet.

I also really enjoyed Reaver of Souls by Stephanie Burke. It was another of those titles that I was surprised at how much I liked it. It's definitely a tale about discovering who you really are and accepting yourself.

Annie Windsor has a series called Legacy of Prator that's based on Arthurian legend. Cursed, Redemption, and Avalon's Price (not yet released) are the books in the series. She also has a SF series that I enjoy called Arda. Those books are: Sailmaster's Woman, Sailkeeper's Bride, and The Captain's Fancy.

Sherri L. King's The Horde Wars series is another must-read if you enjoy paranormals. They should be read in order.
Wanton Fire
Razor's Edge
Manaconda (there's a short story in here that comes between Razor's Edge and Lord of the Deep)
Lord of the Deep

The Talisman Bay series by Ashleigh Raine is also good. Lover's Talisman and Forsaken Talisman are the ones out right now.

Hey, I'm not done yet.

Jordan Summer's Atlantean Quest books were among the first EC books I ever read. The Arrival, The Exodus, and Redemption are the ones out now. She mentions on her blog/website that she's working on the fourth book. Also there's Atlantean Heat, but I haven't read it. Actually, I'm not quite sure I read the third book either. Hmm.

Interested in some SF romance? Judy Mays' Celestial Passions: Brianna is really good. I can't wait for the sequel that's supposed to come out this year. The Empress' New Clothes by Jaid Black was fun in a campy, sexy way.

Okay, on to another publisher. New Concepts Publishing this time. Ignore the covers. They aren't my favorite.

Autumn Dawn is a favorite author from here.

Historicals (these two are connected):
The Woman Inside
The Other Woman

Darklands series: Teasing Danger, Something Wild This Way Comes, and Bad Moon Rising (I haven't read this one yet).

She has some other books, but I can't remember what I thought of them right now.

Jaide Fox. She has a couple of hilarious futuristic romances from here. Intergalactic Bad Boys and Intergalactic Pain in the Ass. She also has a historical called His Wicked Ways that I enjoyed. I haven't read all of her books, so I can't say how the rest of them are.

Ultimate Warriors is an anthology about superheroes that I liked.

I also liked Myra Nour's Volarn series. Love's Captive and Heart of the Dragon.

Okay...I think I've written enough for now. I'll write another post someday soon about ones I've missed.


Jill said...

Nicole, you're reading list amazes me. How many books do you read in a week?

Nicole said...

I'm not really sure. It really varies. Most of these ebooks were actually read last year. Maybe 3 or 4 books a week. I do read quickly, though. I know I read a LUNA that I'm about to write the review for was read in a couple hours yesterday afternoon. But then others take longer. Just depends on how much my mind is on the book at that particular time, I suppose.

sybil said...

I have been going back and forth on getting Ordinary Charm by Anya Bast, now I will have too ;).

Never ordered anything from New Concepts Publishing but I think I will need to try Autumn Dawn.

Thanks for all the recs!

Tara Marie said...

I need one of those ebook thingies for downloading. As my son says, put on Santa's list.

I don't want to sit at the computer reading. This list looks outstanding and I may end up doing just that.

Nicole said...

That's what I have. I wouldn't read so many ebooks if I actually had to be at my computer. *shudder*

Jay said...

Thanks for the rec's. I downloaded a couple from Ellora's Cave and New Concepts. I think I like EC's selection better, but I like that NC takes paypal.

Nicole said...

EC does take paypal, it's just sometimes unreliable. But if you do have problems with paypal and EC, they're usually very prompt about fixing the problem and getting you your download. I personally use a credit card for everything, so I don't tend to have problems. Paypal hates me and I hate it for having its stupid one credit card per person rule. Hello...I share it with my husband!