Drive-by Blogging

Ah...hmm...what to say. Slowly getting ready for our mini-vacation back to North Dakota. My Barnes and Noble order with my books in it might not get here in time. Grrrrr. It's due for delivery on Thursday, but UPS has been known to delivery later in the afternoon sometimes and we leave around 2:30. So....*crosses fingers* I really want to read those books this weekend. Or at least be able to try to read them this weekend. We do have lots of things planned.

The day's purchases:

Since I'm broke my book budget on those three trades and buying art at the Arts and Craft Show last weekend, I hit the used bookstore in the Hiawatha Library. Ah...library bookstores are the best. Mostly bought categories. Can't beat $.25 a piece.

With Child by Janice Kay Johnson (I remember seeing something about it somewhere, so I just grabbed it)
A Home of Her Own by Brenda Novak (never read her, but curious)
Her Secret Alibi by Debra Webb (part of a series I have a few of)
The Unlawfully Wedded Princess by Kara Lennox (sounds crazy and kinda fun and Kara's quite sweet in chat and on her blog)
Familiar Obsession by Caroline Burnes (black cat...what can I say?)
Falling For Gracie by Susan Mallery (never read Mallery)

Only cost my two dollars even.

Also bought the new Seether CD that came out today and went out with Nick on a drive to listen to it.'s SO good. So if this is your style, I highly recommend it. I have the second song stuck in my head right now.

Also put on hold at the library for the future:

Marriage Most Scandalous by Johanna Lindsey
Sofie Metropolis by Tori Carrington
Beach Blanket Bad Boys by lots of authors
Origin in Death by J.D. Robb (I usually buy it, then I always seem to see the hardback in the used stores anyways)
Strange Attractions by Emma Holly (all the fuss about her, had to find out)

Got two anime dvds that I'd put on hold ages ago. Figures that they would come in just as I'm going to be gone. We'll see if I get to watch them in time. They're Ghost in the Shell and the first six episodes of The Slayers.

I really don't feel like going in and adding links, so tough. *g* I'm sure you'll survive.


Gena Showalter said...

Excellent book choices. I'll have to pick up Johanna Lindsey's newest -- she was the first romance author I ever read. Silver Angel. I was in Jr. High at the time and (I hate to admit this) stole it from my grandma's house.

sybil said...

Have you never read Emma Holly? Damn wish I had known that, Strange Attractions has been at my ubs for 1.98 for months. Ten to one now it will be gone. Top Of Her Game, Menage, and Velvet Glove are all there in the new cartony covers each for 5.98. Or they were. I almost picked them up just in case someone else needed them. I keep looking for Cooking Up a Storm and In the Flesh because I have both but not in print.

And it was hard not to rebuy Menage since I have the black lace one not the trade one.

Yes I like to buy books far far too much.

Nicole said...

Nope, never read Emma Holly. Well, I don't count the one antho I think I've read that had her in it. This was the only contemp that the library had, I think. The rest were the historical series.

Jay said...

I've read Cooking Up A Storm, Top of Her Game, and Velvet Glove. CUAS was my favorite, probably because this was the only out of the 3 that wasn't about BDSM. I'm not into pain.

Hope your books come in time! At least you have something else to read if they don't.

Kristie said...

Haven't read the others you scooped but Falling for Gracie was a good one.

Have fun on your vacation. Remember though, no extra large coffees followed by a Diet Coke.

Angela James said...

When do you leave Nicole? I was just there two weeks ago and it was cold. Would you believe we had to divert from Minot to GF because it was snowing in MInot and they couldn't land. In mid-May. WTF? I picked up a purty pink UND sweatshirt while I was there. Totally not school colors but my colors LOL! Have fun. I've been so homesick even though I was just there. *sigh* I'd be happy just to live within driving distance at this point.

Nicole said...

I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon and coming back on Monday.

Oh...that pink sweatshirt IS school colors. Come on, they're Green, pink and white technically. We just don't use pink for sports, etc.

Angela James said...

Do you know I never knew that? And I'm not just alum, but the child of two alumni and I NEVER knew that. Of course I had to double check it ;) Learn something new every day! Well good! Now I don't feel guilty about buying a pink sweatshirt.(not like I did before!)

Nicole said...

Now, if you'd have bought the baby blue ones, then you'd be out of luck. :-)

It's supposed to be in the 50s while we're there. Not too bad. We have some graduation open houses to go to.