I'm back!

Well, I'm back from my trip. It was a bit chilly some of the time, but on Sunday it was quite nice. Which was great since that was graduation day and we had open houses to go to.

The flight: My stomach and planes flying through thunderstorms don't mix. I was SO nauseous on the way to MSP and actually broke out in a sweat about 20 minutes before we landed. It was NOT fun. The leg from MSP to Grand Forks was much better. Better weather and bigger plane equal a happy stomach.

Oh...AND they lost out luggage. Didn't get it until the next afternoon. So that led to a late night run to Walmart (I hate Walmart) for nightly essentials since SuperTarget was closed when we got into town.

I read Before I Wake by Anne Frasier while waiting for the first flight and finished it before we got in to MSP. Very fast-paced and quite good. It's one of those books where you really don't know who to trust or what the author is going to do. It was really good. Not a romance, although it has its moments.

I also read Urban Shaman by C.E. Murphy and it was SOOOO good. I loved the main character, Joanne. She sees a woman running away from a pack of dogs while flying in to the Seattle airport. Desperate to save the woman, she rushes off to find her, even though people think she's nuts to run off after something she saw from a plane. Well, turns out what she saw was real and it is the start of events that turn her ordered world upside down. It's told in first person, but Joanne's one of those characters I just really like. The author really describes everything well, instead of glossing over things, like how dealing with magic feels like to Joanne. If you want a great urban fantasy, I highly recommend this one. It's got Native American shamanism, Celtic mythology, and police stuff all mixed up. It's very good. I want the sequel NOW.

Also read this weekend was The Da Vinci Code. Yeah, I'm a little late in reading it, but I didn't want to buy it in hardback and my mother-in-law already had it. It was fun and fast-paced. It seems one reason it may be so popular is that everything is just spelled out for you every step of the way. No "huh?" moments. So I liked it, but it's certainly not the best thing out there. I seem to remember reading some David Morrell books that were very, very similar years ago. I might try to find Angels and Demons sometime.

Now I'm reading Dirty Little Secrets by Julie Leto. So far it's really good. I'll tell you more once I finish it. I like the main character. Marisela is one cool chica and this has lots and lots of action.

Now I had brought Awaken Me Darkly by Gena Showalter along too, but didn't get to it. I did try to start it, but it just didn't grab me. I think one reason is because the author keeps telling instead of showing that Mia Snow, the main character, is such a badass. I kinda got sick of having it shoved down my throat without anything backing those comments up. But it's only the beginning, so maybe I'll feel more lik reading it later. I do like the premise and I love this type of book, it's just that the beginning bothered me and didn't give me much reason to continue reading. So we'll see. I'm going to give it another try later.

It was a fun weekend. I didn't get in quite as much reading as I might have hoped, but I really enjoyed it. I love my in-laws.


Angela James said...

For some reason, the author's name escapes me but I understand The Eight is similar to Da Vinci Code and some say better. It's an older book so you'd have to locate it used.

And actually, I think the author is Katherine Neville but don't quote me.

Welcome back!

sybil said...

Hmm I had been wondering about Gena Showalter, do tell if you finish it.

Glad you had fun!

Jay said...

I read the DaVinci Code then Angels & Demons and liked A&D way better than dVC even though they are essentially the same book. Landon + girl + treasure hunt = 2 slightly predictable books. Digital Fortress was good too, even though it's outdated now, technology wise.

Suzanne said...

Ack! on losing the luggage! This is why I almost always do carry-on! I have fear of luggage loss!

BJ Deese said...

Welcome back! I have Dirty Little Secrets on my tb list, and I think I'll add the Shaman book.