Babble, Red, and DQ

So it's my day off today (and tomorrow, actually). Went out shopping with a friend and then we relaxed while watching the BBCA version of What Not to Wear that I'd Tivo'd (really, I'm addicted to Tivo now). It was a nice afternoon, although I didn't get to the mall like I'd wanted. Decided to splurge on (know how hard it is to blog when your husband is umm.....okay, he left. Must hurry and finish) some makeup with birthday money. Will try to do that tomorrow.

Well, Nick wasn't in the best mood when he came home from work. More really tired and depressed than anything. So figured after supper I'd perk him up (no, not that way, that's later) and we went out to SuperTarget and Dairy Queen. That worked. :-) I also decided to buy a book at ST since I was feeling a bit down, too. Buying books always makes me feel better. So I picked up Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot even though I was first in line to get it when it came out from the library. Oh well. AND I saw the new Avon Red book, Parlor Games, there. I thought it was rather cool that Target was stocking erotica. Didn't feel like buying it, but it was still interesting to see it. My Target actually seems to be expanding their book section, but only for more hardcover and trade paperbacks.

Currently reading Once Upon Stilettos by Shanna Swendson. Got this one from the library since I couldn't find it in stores when it first came out, but I think I'm going to buy it since I'm liking it so much. Oh, and reading The Mermaids Singing by Val McDermid. It's quite different from Stilettos, as you can probably imagine.

Also will finish up my Kitty Goes to Washington post tomorrow. Promise. For now, I think I need to head to bed.


Angela James said...

How did you get Kitty Goes to Washington already? You suck ;)

And I loved Shanna Swendson's first book. I got an ARC at RT last year and it was probably the best book I got from there. I need to get the next.

Jane said...

We must be on the same buying wavelength. I bought the ebook fo Queen of Babble last night. Let's just say that the title is quite appropriate. The 22 year old heroine suffers diarrhea of the mouth. Not that I want you to regret that you paid hardcover prices for the book or anything.

Beth said...

I was lucky enough to get an ARC of "Queen of Babble".

I loved the book. May not have been the best overall but it definitely cheered me up.

Alison Kent said...

I tried to read a Val MaDermid once, but it was very dense and my brain was very tired. I think it was the first Tony Hill book. Anyhow, if you enjoyed Mermaids, do check out the BBC series Wire In The Blood. I think Mermaids was part of the first season. It's an AWESOME show, and makes me want to go back and read the books again when I'm not so tired!

Nicole said...

Angie, I got an ARC from Warner.

Alison, I think Mermaids is supposed to be the first Tony Hill book. So far it's good, but I set it aside to finish up OUS. It might be one I read bits and pieces, instead of all at once. It is rather dense at times.