Someone had a bath this past weekend

So we decided to give Gambit a bath this past weekend. We're both allergic to cats, so it was just a good idea to give him one.

And we survived. No scratches. I think the key was that we did it in the bathtub. Filled it a few inches high with warm water and put him in. He did amazingly well. I'm sure he wasn't too thrilled about the whole thing, but it didn't go too bad. I did end up giving him a good rinse in the kitchen sink since there's a sprayer there.

So here are the pictures of a rather wet cat. Enjoy!


Kristie (J) said...

And I bet Gambit spent the next hour washing the water off - right?

ReneeW said...

Oh, poor kitty, don't they look pathetic when they're all wet? My kitty doesn't get a bath too often and luckily Daughter is the one stuck with the job.

Brandy said...

I bet he meowed (cried) the entire time. All mine do, they sound mournful, like they are being totured. Gambit is just so cute!!

Nicole said...

Brandy, oddly enough, he didn't cry or meow at all. He didn't even try to get away very hard. I think it was more that he didn't feel like doing it, than he was actually afraid or bothered by any of it.

But he IS scared of the hair dryer. :-)

Megan Frampton said...

Those are some cute pix. Thanks, Nicole.

CindyS said...

The caption for the second picture?

I'm so peeing on your pillow tonight ;)

My mom's cat loves the hair dryer. He used to get on the sink when I was blow drying my hair and I would turn it to his face and he would just suck it up. Funny how they can be so different.

I've only bathed a cat twice and the first time his eye tooth went straight through my thumb (he was only a kitten but, yowza). The second time was a friend's cat and my friend was so pathetic (cooing at her and worrying instead of just bathing the poor thing already) that I took over and got the poor thing out of the tub as fast as I could.