I'm back! - with a few pictures

I'm back from my weekend in Galena, IL. Was qutie fun and very nice to see my parents and brother. Hadn't seen them since last year.

Thought you all might like some pictures I took at Crystal Lake Cave on Saturday.

And this last one is the view from the back of the place we stayed at.

But now it's time for me to head to bed. I do plan to get a bunch of posts in this week on books I've read! So never fear, I'm here. *g* Just much busier than I've been in the last two years!


CindyS said...

Is it wrong that I look at the pictures and imagine the insides of some monster?

Maybe too much sci-fi watching and not enough 'getting out in the world' action.


Beth said...
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Beth said...

Cindy, i was thinking the same thing.... first couple pics look like a "rotting mouth"

Love the view of the backyard though.

Karen Scott said...

One of the stalactites (or are they the upside down ones?) looks like a penis to me. Or is it just me? *g*

Megan Frampton said...

You know, I'm so glad those pix reminded others of odd things.

I can't stand caves, actually. My secret claustrophobia.

I'm glad you've been so busy, it's all been good, right?

Kristie (J) said...

Glad I'm not the only one who thought they looked like something other than caves. They're just.....wierd!

Fickle Fiona said...

It just came to me! The cave looks ike my father's colonoscopy picture that he has hanging on the refrigerator! hahahaha


Nicole said...

ROFL, love all the comments.

But really, it was cool. It's a living cave, so we couldn't touch anything(other than the walls where it got tight).