Hotel Marchand

Hotel Marchand looks to be a new continuity series from Harlequin starting in June. I actually find myself wanting to read them. And okay, it helps that I like the covers for the few I've seen.

In the Dark by Judith Arnold will be the first one.

The most beautiful hotel in New Orleans, and someone's out to destroy it.

The party at the Hotel Marchand is in full swing when all the lights suddenly go out. What does head of security Mac Jensen do first? He's torn between two jobs -- protecting the guests at Hotel Marchand and keeping Julie Sullivan safe.

Mac knows Julie has no idea that he took the job at the hotel in order to act as her bodyguard. But now he feels a loyalty to both the hotel and the Marchand women who run it. As for Julie, she's being harassed by someone from her past . . . and what Mac feels for her is anything but professional.

A woman to protect. A hotel to secure. And no idea who's determined to harm them.

And here are some covers of two others I found. There's a small image of Laurie Page's one on Amazon, but it was too small for me, so I didn't grab it.

Also looks like Lori Wilde, Jean Brashear, Ingrid Weaver, and Kara Lennox will be writing for the series. It seems like a rather interesting mix of authors from some very different lines.


Angela James said...

those are great covers!

sybil said...

LOL set in a hotel... I need this ;)

HelenKay said...

Great marketing. Those covers make you look twice. Probably will make me buy a few to try, too.