It's Friday! Or rather, more of a Monday for me since I just had two days off. I work all weekend, including Sunday where we're having an author signing at the store. Max Allan Collins, Ed Gorman, Kevin Randle, Roxanne Rustand and Mickey Zucker Reichert are all supposed to be coming. Should be interesting.

And finally made it to the mall. Had fun shopping. Plopped down quite a bit of money at the Clinique counter. Ouch. But I do like what I got. But ouch, that stuff's expensive compared to what I usually buy.

Finished up Once Upon Stilettos last night and read more of Fire Watcher by Lilith Saintcrow. Don't know what will be next. I still plan on reading The Mermaids Singing, but the mood isn't right at the moment.

And yes, I know my sidebar is woefully out of date. Need to fix it sometime soon.

But for now, need to finish up my oatmeal and get ready for work. TTYL!

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