A few updates

Gambit weighs 12 pounds. This is not good. So per the vet's orders, he's going on 1/3 cup of Science Diet Lite a day. Poor starving kitty.

I did update my sidebar covers! I forgot to add Once Upon Stilettos to my recently read. And I still need to do that review. It was a good book. Oh, and Kitty.

Work is still going well. Next day off is Saturday. Going to a baby shower that day. You know, I've never been to a baby shower.


CindyS said...

Hmmm, shouldn't be too scary - if there's cake then I guess you can sit through the 'can't say baby' game and you will be shocked at how rabid certain people are about that game ;) I do love baby stuff though - it's just too small and too cute.


Lauren Dane said...

Oh, you're in for sad looks and the cat version of sucked in cheeks and "please feed me" stares, LOL!

Baby showers...well, there'll most likely be cake. That's a plus.