The days need more hours

So I think I just plain need more time in the day.

Stayed up later than usual last night to finish reading Blood Rites by Jim Butcher. I so love the Harry Dresden series. Now I need to get to the next one from the library.

Also started reading the The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman during my breaks at work. So far it's really good. And I got my ARC of The Red Heart of Jade! Can't wait to read it. And still reading Angel With Attitude (thanks Michelle) and The Fire Watcher (thanks Lilith) on the PPC.

Work is going fine. Oh...perhaps you'd like to know what I've grabbed in the last couple weeks.

The Wild One by Danelle Harmon
The lady Who hated Shakespeare by Susan Carroll
A Scandalous Publication by Sandra Heath
Lord Harry's Folly by Catherine Coulter
Spring Kittens and Snowflake Kittens (both Zebra Regency anthologies)
Priceless by Christina Dodd
Codename: Blondie by Christina Skye
Looking For Trouble by Anne Stuart
Crave the Night by Susan Sizemore
Pirate in My Arms by Danelle Harmon
Wicked Words 10
The Companion by Susan Squires
River of Eden by Glenna McReynolds
The Ladies' Man by Lorraine Heath

I think there are a few others, but those are the ones that are around my desk. but really...I need more time in the day.

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Bookwormom said...

My 10 year old son is currently reading GC by Pullman. He's told me at least twice day how wonderful it is & how I need to read the series etc.etc. etc. Now you're added to the list too, lol. I'll have to add it ti the TBR.