Of interest

While searching for something else, I came across info about a new chick lit mystery series--starring a werewolf.

Her site: Karen MacInerney and here's her blog. More info in this post.

Then this:

Step Into Darkness by Naomi Bellis. It seems to be set during the French Revolution. Interesting. Coming out in September.

And, oh dear me, British Bad Boys by Nancy Warren. So Màili and KarenS, what do you think?

And a Roman romance! Liberty by Kimberly Iverson. Vewwy vewwy interesting. I'm not sure if the cover on her site is the right one, or the one on Amazon.

And here's a link to a cover for the new Nocturne line. Again, interesting. I confess that I kinda don't like it. It's too much in-your-face.

And completely off topic, but does anyone else make their neck and shoulders hurt when they sneeze? Owwwwwwwww.


meljean brook said...

Hmmm...at least the British guy is dressed :D I'm *lmao* over the tagline, though.

That Nocturne cover -- yikes! It looks thisclose to Poser.

sybil said...

I have to say I liked the BB cover ;). Meljean is right.. yay for dressed. And nancy warren is generally a good read.

The Nocturne cover... I had forgotten about this line. I think I like the cover.

sybil said...

OH! Step Into Darkness... where did you come across that? I have the cover saved and couldn't for the life of me remember why.

LOL kept meaning to look for the site again but never did. Looks interesting.

SKapusniak said...

Depends on the sneeze, but sometimes I blow my neck and shoulders out with one, yes.

'Step into Darkness' sounds an interesting concept tho' the excerpt didn't really grab me, and I was a bit let down by the fact that our hero and heroine are apparently English and not French.

'Liberty'. Female Gladiatrix + Son of Governer of Britain. Alas I don't think my suspension of disbelief is going to be up to the challenge on that one :(

...unless it's a steampunk sort of Rome with trans-oceanic Zeppelin flights, military railroads, invasions of monsters right out of the wilder bits of Herodotus, direct interventions by the gods, and other similarly funky stuff.

Yes, I'm arguing I want a much less realistic sounding novel for me to be able to suspend myself disbelief. So sue me :)

Since I'm in Britain, I'm unfortunately male, and insufficiently gay, the sex appeal of the Bad Brit Boys is completely lost on me. Bunch louts the lot of them :) :)

...Scottish guys wearing kilts at weddings tho'...

On Poser covers, I will confess to the dastardly crime of actually owning a copy of said software product, and I have to say that most of the covers created with it must be the product of a real genius level *talent* for hideousness. It's not that I've ever been able to make anything that looks particularly
*good* using it -- far from it -- but the level of horrible achieved on the average Poser cover seems to be excessive...