Wherein I show my utter lack of an ear for music

Seems my computer speakers are dying. Had Nick not mentioned that the music we were listening to on Pandora was sounded really bad, I probably wouldn't have noticed. Honestly, I didn't notice until he started fiddling with the wire connections. And hey, there was a rather large difference. :-) So hopefully he will be able to fix that connection so I don't have to buy all new speakers.

Work went well. Spent my first shift on the buy counter all by my lonesome. Well, I had help, but technically it was mine. Scary. Well, actually, it went well.

Now I'm home sweet home. Nick's PC is overheating, so he's fooling around with it. I'm just hanging out. Kinda bored. No one ever seems to be online anymore to chat. Boo hoo.

Still reading. Started The Amber Spyglass at work today. Read it while eating a delicious BBQ pork sandwich I'd brought from home. Finished up reading Angel With Attitude by Michelle Rowen. Review forthcoming.

Still thinking about changing my blog. Ack. I'm incredible sentimental about my current template as it was so nice of a lot of blog friends to come together to create it, but on the othe hand, change can be nice. And I wouldn't mind a three-column template. Now if only I can incorporate cats, books, and a few other things. Hmmmm....

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