I bought some ebooks!

So I decided to buy some ebooks tonight. And finally broke down and bought from Samhain. And really...they have some pretty nice covers there. Okay, some are iffy, but some are really nice. Angie, I even bought Melani Blazer's after saying I wouldn't ever buy her. And it was kinda because I thought the cover was so damn cute. I mean, isn't that the cutest cover? I love the look on the model's face. And then the cover and blurb of You'll Be The Death had me having to buy it. And 72 Hours because of reading Shannon's blog. And the Laurenston book since I usually love her stuff, even if the cover is my least favorite of all of these.

And oh ack, I see on Shelly's page that Pack Challenge will be revised for a Samhain release. Guess I'll be buying that when it comes out. Maybe even in print.


Kristie (J) said...

And look at that! All very nice covers too.

Anonymous said...

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