Cameras shameras


I'm trying to buy a camera. Something small and easy to use, but takes pretty good pictures. And uses SD cards. But man, it's so damn hard to decide on something. If I find one that looks interesting and seems easy to use in the store, it ends up getting bad reviews. And if one camera gets good reviews in one place, it gets not-so-good ones in another. Blech.

So...anyone know of a good compact camera that uses an SD card, takes pictures fast and with good quality? And it fairly small? For example, I've been eyeing the Casio Exilim models. And preferably under $300. Probably something that's impossible. Blech.


Shannon Stacey said...

I have a Kodak EasyShare C300 (3.2 megapixels) from WalMart. It's probably the cheapest of the Kodak family (about $100). My dad bought my two younger sisters each one for Christmas and I loved the ease. It's good enough for enlargements through, which is all I really wanted.

As a caveat, I have a Nikon N6006, too, so the digital's for mass picture taking. But when I want a lot of zoom (the first T-ball game) or I need the flash to cover some distance (an award ceremony in the school gym) I use the "film" camera. The flash does suck on it, though. Check out that link for more opinions. It seems a lot of people like the Sony Cybershot.

Nicole said...

Thanks, Shannon, for the thread. It was interesting.

I still haven't figured it all out. I may even just hold off. After all, I've got a decent one now, albeit rather large. Perhaps I'll spend my money on a few books to hone my skills with the Canon S2 IS that I have.