A few ebook covers that are actually GOOD

Or at least in my mind.

And since I'm on my way to work, I'm just going to give you the links. Maybe I'll post the pics later.

Edge of the Knife by Mara Lee

Loving Fate by Emma Sinclair - in fact, I think I might pick this one up

The Outcast by Jayelle Drewry - sure, it doesn't show werewolves like the description says, but it was eye-catching enough for me to want to know more about it.

Star Struck by Lyn Cash - not a book I'd be interested in, but I like the cover.

The Orca King by Darragha Foster

The Necklace by Karen Monroe - I've always loved this cover

Under a Rogue Moon by Vivien Dean

Misled by Sylvia Day

Dakotah's Reading by Joy Strong - same model as Misled? But who cares, looks good.

Gypsy Heart by Sasha White

Believe in the Magic by Melani Blazer - just cute, almost makes me want to break my not-buying-Blazer rule.

I couldn't find larger pics of the Moxie Press covers, but you can see them at the site. And do go see them.


Marg said...

I agree...most of those covers are really gorgeous! oh, and your clouds were very interesting looking as well!!

Lauren Dane said...

I love love love the Karen Monroe and Sylvia Day covers - I keep using Sylvia's in my "covers I love" list.

Amie Stuart said...

I adore April's work for LSB! She does an awesome job!

SKapusniak said...

Those are all really nice covers...

...I do wish the publishers would stick with calmer less busy typefaces for titles and things instead of picking the most baroque and funky ones they have to hand. It does bring down some of these covers a little bit for me. Clearly I was mentally scared in the early years of DTP :)

Favorites of those: Starstruck (I'm a sucker for winter bleakness), The Necklace (even if the nipple protection is a bit gravity-defying), and Misled

CindyS said...

See, these are lovely. Why do people use Poser? I'm not up on all the tech stuff but are these covers using stock photos?

All I can say is that if your competition can make covers like this then it's time to step up to the plate.


SKapusniak said...

Alas, all the Poser and cover talk over the last few days has caused me to succumb to complete madness and re-install Poser 6 to try and prove to myself that it doesn't have to suck quite as much as all that.

Those of nervous disposition should therefore please avert their eyes from my livejournal gallery, where the results now hang out.

These are very very 'keep it simple' type efforts -- the figures don't do anything but stand there and have their portaits taken -- and they took me a long time to do, but then again they are only the second and third things I've ever done with the dread Pose :)

SKapusniak said...

Let's try that again, since blogspot comments are as unimpressed with Poser as everyone else :)

My Livejournal Gallery

Leigh Ellwood said...

I still think one of the best covers out there is Robin Slick's Three Days in New York City, out with Phaze. Stacey King did an excellent job with that one.