Yes, I can eat crow. Sorta.

So over at DearAuthor, they waxed poetically about Mobipocket. About how easy it was, how much smaller the files were....

So I decided to try it tonight. And really....I rather like it.

I do confess the reason I was leery about trying something new was more that I'd gotten in a rut and well...I knew what I had worked. And it does, rather well. Mobipocket just might work a bit better. But I still won't admit that Adobe is the devil (except with the DRM'd books). It really does work perfectly well on my device. This is more for html and docs and rtfs.

But....I've got a problem.

It'll convert my pdfs and my htmls, but won't touch my .doc files or my .rtf ones. I keep getting this pop-up:

Please install Microsoft Word to complete this conversion.

Then another pop-up: The file format is not supported.

Now...I HAVE Word. In fact, I have Office 2003. Help.

So huh? One thing about Mobipocket seems to be the rather annoying support forum that seems fairly useless.



Jane said...

Which program are you using to convert your documents into PRCs?

word document creation

If all else fails, you could try saving your word document as an html or an html, filtered, and then see what happens. I am not sure what it would do to the formatting, but it may be worth a try.

Now, if you really want to try something different, take a look at gowerpoint's ubook. It will read unencrypted pdb, prc, html, txt, rtfs. :) No conversion necessary. It doesn't read PDFs though.

Angela James said...

I agree with Jane, try ubook. I've been using it as long as I've been reading ebooks and it's well worth any "donation" they ask for. It's a great program!

Milady Insanity said...

What Jane said. It's actually faster if you convert to HTML using Word or whatever word processing software you use, before converting to PRC.

Nicole said...

Alright, I'll convert to html first. But yeesh, it DOES say it can convert straight from doc. So hmph.

Milady Insanity said...

It doesn't convert straight from doc, I don't think.

It converts to HTML and then into PRC.