Bits and Pieces

Ah, poor Gambit. He's sitting by my chair with a decidedly peeved look on his face. And keeps mewing at me to get off my butt and feed him. Never mind that he got his last bit for the day half an hour ago. And ate it all.

I finished up Crazy Wild by Janzen last night. Bet you thought I'd actually read it already. Like when it came out in February. Guess I was just saving it for a rainy day. Hmmm....I think it actually was raining. Well, loved it. Will have a review post up sometime. And oh, I cannot wait for Skeeter and Dylan's story. But of course I need to read Crazy Kisses before that. Which I already have on the tbr shelf. :-)

In other reading news, I finished The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman at work. Read it the past three days during my lunch break. And now I've started on the second in the trilogy. So far it's really good. At home, I started The Marriage Spell by Mary Jo Putney before work and then read a bit tonight. And so far it also is very very good. I hope I continue to feel that way. It seems I'm in the mood for alternate reality England in the 1800s. I'm not sure what will be next. I've certainly got plenty of choices. Including The Red Heart of Jade by Liu. :-)

And on another note, isn't Liu gorgeous in that photo on her homepage? I want her hair. I really do. And the cheekbones and...hmmm.....anyways. Good night. Time for me to head into the shower.


Lori said...

Dang, you've been busy this week! Crazy Wild was my least favorite of all the Crzy books. But Crazy Kisses made up for it. And I'm with you - I can't wait for Dylan and Skeeter's story!

Megan Frampton said...

I liked Crazy Wild, just finished it, too.

I'm leery of Crazy Kisses, but I bet she'll be able to pull it off. And, yeah, can't wait for Dylan and Skeeter. Love them.