Fun in the Sun? I think not!

I don't even have the stomach to post the cover here, but you can see it here. My god, that hair is nasty. That that that....I'm speechless. Do they really think that model is appealing?

All I can say is "ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww".

I never thought the day would come, but I almost think Fabio would be preferable to that guy. And yeah, I'm pretty sure I know who that model is. I'm just going to be nice and not name names.


My poor eyes. Why, EC? Whyyyyyyyyy? Why are you inflicting such awfulness on us?

*yes, this is only my personal opinion, but hey, it's my damn blog and I think that cover is butt-ugly


Tara Marie said...

Yuck, somewhere in the last few days of blog hopping I saw an EC author say something to the effect:

Thank god, the EC's covers are going mainstream and you can actually read them in public...

What planet is she living on?--LOL.

Milady Insanity said...

Tara Marie, I don't know either, but it's definitely not earth. LOL.

And I thought those plastic-looking Poser covers were bad!

Marg said...

I this is the same bloke that Jennifer Ashley has a picture of on her website. He does absolutely NOTHING for me!

CindyS said...

Yep, totally agree although it's better than those weird dead eye poser covers.

I'm an odd duck in that long hair on a man does absolutely nothing for me. All I can think is 'get a haircut!!'


Lauren Dane said...

My favorite line so far from people who've seen it at my website is "I can't believe that tiny ball in the sky isn't butter."

I have to laugh (and hope hope hope it gets snarked at smartbitches, LOL!)

Try not to think about what he's doing with his right hand.

Kelly said...

You think his hair on the cover looks scary? You should see it in person. Blech!

meljean brook said...