Hidden Obsession by Joanne Rock

Hidden Obsession by Joanne Rock is the first in the Perfect Timing mini-series for Blaze. As in the Perfect Timing anthology, the Sex Through the Ages exhibit is the mechanism for the time travel.

A modern man.
A medieval babe.
Some long-distance relationships are unbelievable

LAPD Weapons expert Graham Lawson is in the midst of investigating a case when he's swept into some kind of elaborate hoax. Because there's no way he's in the Middle Ages... even if the setting is pretty authentic. Fortunately, he's landed in the closet of a delectable gentlewoman named Linnet Welbourne. An excellent vantage point indeed.

Fearing a potentially brutal future, Linnet is desperate to escape. Sure, Graham's sudden appearance in her wardrobe isn't exactly part of the plan-- yet Linnet trusts the peculiarly attired man. As they flee, Graham inadvertently finds himself opening up a whole new world for Linnet-- one free of sexual inhibitions. But even as Linnet's erotic education begins, Graham's eye is returning to his own time... and this could be one lesson he can't finish!

I really liked Perfect Timing and the whole time travel Blaze idea, so when I saw this in the store, I immediately picked it up. Actaully, that's all kinda strange since I really usually stay away from time travels. But anyways...I really liked this story. I'd say you need to read it with the idea that this is a fun read, not a deep one. No nitpicking about historical accuracies or anything like that. But once you set that idea behind, it's a fun, sexy book.

Graham is an LAPD detective working part-time as a weapons consultant for an action movie. He's also working on a strange case involving medieval weapons and sexual torture. Some evidence points to the Sex Through the Ages exhibit as maybe having something to do with the case, so he heads over to look at it. And well, ends up in medieval England. To be exact, in a wardrobe in a woman's bedroom in medieval England.

The wardrobe belongs to Linnet. She's a virtual prisoner after being promised to a tyrant. Linnet is understandably surprised to find a man in her bedroom. Yet she finds herself trusting Graham as they escape from the castle and set out on the lam. I dunno quite how it worked in the book, but I bought into it. And then there's the dildo that actually ties into Graham's case. Yup, you heard that right. Oh, and the chastity belt. *grin* Like I said, it's a fun book. I liked both Linnet and Graham. Time travel always boggles my mind if I think too much about it, so I decided not to. SO if you think you can do the same, I recommend picking this one up.

I think I'll try to get the next Perfect Timing book, too. It's Highland Fling by Jennifer LaBrecque. Should be interesting. Maybe I should make Màili read it. I mean, wouldn't it be cool to see her head explode?


Suisan said...

This sounds cute.

But I'm confused--there's an anthology too? Or this is the first in the series which includes an anthology.

Overthinking leads to confusion...

Nicole said...

There's an anthology titled Perfect Timing that kicked off the mini-series. But every story is a standalone. Only the Sex Through the Ages exhibit (and the guard for it) is in every one.