Sharpe, Waldenbooks, and that damn knee

Okay, so it's my day off today. Played a bit of Oblivion on the Xbox and also watched a bunch of shows that I'd tivo'd. Including Sharpe's Rifles. Ahh....I really liked it. Also got the next one recorded to watch one of these days and plan to record the rest.

Also watched more What Not to Wear. It's very different from the TLC version, much funnier.

And did laundry. Lovely laundry. Laudry that is piled high on my bed at the moment. Oops. But I have an excuse. My knee started hurting again. Damn knee. And another thing that bites about the pain is that I occasionally feel like it's wet in that area, so when I'm wearing pants, I keep looking down expecting there to be blood or something seeping through. Odd feeling, really.

And went to Waldenbooks. Well, and Penney's for a look at pants for Nick. Which was a bust. One length was just too short and the next one up was too long. ARGH. Then we headed to the library. There's a branch in the mall there. So I picked up Dead Beat by Jim Butcher. Just read Blood Rites and really liked it.

So I bought books. Here's the list:

California Demon by Julie Kenner
The Shadow by Shelley Munro
Undressed by Kristina Cook
Dark Need by Lynn Viehl
Primal Man by Marguerite Turnley (a Rocky River Romance book, figured I'd try one)

And I noticed that the erotic romance/erotica section in romance is getting quite large there. Now it takes up a whole half side of the shelves.

And I feel proud of myself for heading to the gym even though I didn't feel like it and my knee hurt. So I took it easy, but still spent twenty minutes working out. Felt good.

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Fickle Fiona said...

We don't get BBC America...this is like three times now that I've gone to look up a show and I've realized it doesn't come with our Comcast subscrip...will have to look into that.

The gym...ugh! Now I feel guilty.