Just a few updates

Hello/Picasa hates me today, so I didn't update my sidebar like I was planning to.

Currently reading:
Mackenzie's Mountain by Linda Howard
Aussie Rules by Jill Shalvis
In the Dark by Judith Arnold
and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Oh, at least The Amber Spyglass by Phillips Pullman. Almost finished with that. Only read it at work on break.

And on the Gambit front, his new food is helping and he's losing weight like he's supposed to.

I also need to start looking for a dress to wear to my SIL's wedding next month. Ugh. Well, I'm looking forward to the wedding, just not finding a dress.

I nixed the camera idea and figure I'll just stick with my larger Canon Powershot for now. What I want in a camera just isn't at the price point I can afford. So I'll wait. And treat myself to an mp3 player instead. I plan to get this one from Sony. On Tuesday, so I can use the free shipping offer. :-)

And Kinja seems to not be working. Hasn't updated anything since Saturday night. *cry* It's amazing how much I rely on Kinja.

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